WTT: 4x65 PC Light for Corals

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by jeepboy_90, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. jeepboy_90

    jeepboy_90 Guest

    I have a 4x65W PC Coralife Retro light. The light was part of my original tank purchase and I went T5. So I now have this lighting setup left over. I figured that someone could use it better than me. It has three new bulbs @ 2 months use and 1 old bulb age unknown.

    I am looking for corals in trade. Let me know what you have.

    Happy New Year..
  2. jeremys

    jeremys Guest

    what kind of coral are looking to get out of the trade?
  3. jeepboy_90

    jeepboy_90 Guest

    I would take almost anything. I just want them to go to someone who will use them. Right now I have a little of everything in my 60g SPS, LPS, Shrooms, Softies, Zoas.

    Let me know what you got and we can go from there.
  4. beaupierce

    beaupierce Guest

    Where are you located? I can trade you huge piece of Candy cane coral... over 50 heads????

    LMK, what buying them straight up?

  5. jeepboy_90

    jeepboy_90 Guest

    I am located in Capitola, CA
  6. beaupierce

    beaupierce Guest

    If interested please let me know...

    I can send you a pic of the CC's if you want...
  7. jeepboy_90

    jeepboy_90 Guest

    Please send pictures to jeepboy_90@hotmail.com

    I have payed my dues to join BAR, but still dont not have PM,s or anything else. May take a few days?
  8. beaupierce

    beaupierce Guest

    just sent to your email... it is a full tank shot.. that is the best i can do with the lights being off
  9. jeepboy_90

    jeepboy_90 Guest

    These lights/fixture/ballast are back up for grabs. Previous taker no longer needs them.

    They can be yours for FREE! :eek:
  10. beaupierce

    beaupierce Guest

    I'll take them for free if u want to get rid of them. My uncle would live them. I can get at the swap or I am in San jose

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