WTT - LARGE metallic Trachyphyllia

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    Oct 26, 2006
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    Hi All,

    I've been reorganizing my tank and I don't think I have room for my open brain. It's a LARGE ~8"+ across when open metallic (green) with probably 6 "lobes". It's very health, loves mysis shrimp and looks great under actinic. BTW, if you feed this thing it will grow fast. It has doubled in size of the last year with bi-weekly feedings.

    What I's like:
    Fancy zoos - bright reds, yellows, greens
    Ricordea - Kinetic Magentas anyone? Or similar bright colors
    Other suggestions you may have for "carpet" type cover. I'm looking for those "unnatural" colors.
    I just have some baron rocks that could use some spicing up. ;D

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