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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by HiFidelity, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. HiFidelity

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    Hi everyone,

    I have had a yellow wrasse in QT for 3 days now, since I put him in I've been observing to see if he would dive bomb the BB glass since they typically like burying themselves in the sandbed.

    So far the fish does push against the bottom looking for sand but not violently, it's eating very well and consumes nearly every bit of food that goes in the tank, it's very active and swims a 1000 laps a day around the 10g QT. It also sleeps under the filter at night due to lack of sand.

    I read quite a few threads where people avoid QTing wrasses and go straight to DT because they claim the wrasse will damage it's mouth due to constant attempts at digging into the hard bottom of the QT. I have never put a fish straight into my tank without QT with the exception of my Mandarin. Can I safely keep the wrasse in QT or should I skip it?

    I would have put tupperware with some sand in the QT but the extra sand I have has been sitting in a container for the past 2 years and I'm not sure how I feel about having the wrasse sleep in it. I could take some sand out of DT and replenish it later but will a small container filled with sand do the trick? I know several of you here have/had plenty of wrasses so what's your take on this?
  2. bondolo

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    Do you have any chaeto? Mine were fine with hiding in chaeto to sleep if no sand was available.

    I've always taken the chance with sand sleeping wrasses and put them into the destination tank without any extended quarantine. So far *crosses fingers* this hasn't been a problem. They are lower risk than other fishes though non-zero.

    My introduction process is to do a water change of the destination tank and use the waste water for acclimation in a bucket before introducing them to the tank after lights out.
  3. HiFidelity

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    I have chaeto in a container because I was thinking the same thing, perhaps he'll sleep in it but it doesn't seem that he wants to go into this container to sleep. I couldn't just throw the chaeto in there because it started falling apart and floating around all over the QT...

    I figured if I can't provide a good way for this fish to sleep I'm going to move it to DT next week!
  4. aqua-nut

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    How about adding a container of sand?

    W/O sand the wrasse is stressed. If you put the unQT'd wrasse in the DT, the DT might get stressed with something the wrasse brings in.
  5. gunit

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    I've successfully QT'd my Vrolik Wrasse using a 8"x6" Pyrex with sand in it. Worked like a charm. Only downside is needing to vacuum the remaining bare bottom of some of the sand that gets knocked out every night. Totally worth it to have a less stressed fish.
  6. checkrazr

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    Hi Fidel - plus 1 to Aqua-nut and Gunit about adding a container of sand. I'm actually using one of the round plastic containers we use for the frag swaps. After the first nite, once the lights go clockwork my wrasse dives into the sand. Don't see him until the next morning. Same with Gunit have to vacuum up the splashed out sand though. Guess wrasses are not the best when it comes to keeping their bedrooms tidy.
  7. HiFidelity

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    I put a shallow container in the QT full of sand, first night & he disappeared, came back in the morning & only one eye sticking out of the sand, I take it he liked the bed I made :D
  8. aqua-nut

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