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    content pasted here would be nice, my account doesn't have the privileges to view the post
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    and which reminds me to ask RC admins to recover my old account.
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    Yeah I can’t see it either. R2R is lucky RC is so annoying.

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  5. I am definitely in. I'll take half. Sounds like he has some smaller cuts too.
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    I had an older account which I started in 2001.. lets see if the admin can reactivate it for me even thought i don't own the email address anymore.
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    care to paste the content?
  8. No -- this is the only way I can scoop you before you buy stuff! :)
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    you just wait til i get my old account back on the RC!
  10. Hi,

    I have posted this general description in previous sales of other colony size pieces of this same coral. I generally only put up 1 or 2 of these a year, and the last few times these chunks have sold quickly. This is a particularly nice coral despite being an "older" "trendy" coral; this blows away other watermelon type chalices when compared side by side:

    I got out of collecting chalices a long time ago, but I've always kept my original Tyree Aquascene Goldeneye chalice. I've had this since 2006 and have lineage (Tyree lost his). While there are a lot of no-name and re-named Watermelon type chalices out there, this one always draws your attention. More importantly, it doesn't get any healthier than this....10+ years in my tanks and grows fast!

    This piece has been growing for about 16 months, started from a tiny frag and mounted on increasingly bigger plugs. I have only grown out and sold a handful of colony size pieces like this.

    This piece is growing rapidly and will be an impressive colony quickly in its new home. It has about 12 eyes now and growing.

    Currently under an ATI T5 module getting decent indirect flow from an MP40 ecotech vortech. I have also grown it under Radium metal halides, Radion LEDs, and other combos.


    $120 (you can look at it as about $10/eye or under $10/month for me to grow this out... either way this is a sweet deal and something you won't see every day)

    I am in Ocala, FL but I travel to Orlando and Tampa regularly. I can meet anywhere along the way, or I can make a separate trip and meet you within a reasonable distance if going some other direction.

    I will also ship in-state via UPS ground (approx. $20).

    I will ship anywhere at buyer's expense; I will throw in a couple freebies to help offset that.


    The first four pics are the actual piece for sale (with the mother colony in the background)

    The fifth pic here with the orange cap in the foreground is an older different piece (same mother) and was taken under 400w radium.

    These are just examples and were under older style lights. You can probably do better with some of the newer stuff that's out there.


    I have another nice (3) eye frag that has a nice green rim also for $50.

    I will fresh cut a single eye for $20.


    This is cross posted elsewhere. I prefer a local to in-state sale, but have shipped pieces of this as far as Cali and NY over the years with no issues. I will do so again; we just need to discuss weather/timing/methods.

    Thanks for looking!
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    shit.. i do want this..
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    NO! Buy it blind! :D
  13. Shocker!
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    That’s a nice old school piece. I’ll gladly pay for a frag to whoever buys it.
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    Waiting on shipping info. Guess I'll have to break out the bandsaw...If I still have it?

    @ashburn2k Are you in?
    Would be located in SF, but can stop off along the Peninsula or send it your way via middle-man ;)
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    I'm in for splitting this if you're still in need of people. In SF too.
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    i will be in for the small frag.
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    I'm happy to split. Thanks for posting!
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    I don't like micro frags, so we'll cap this at 4 people. Frags will be 3-eye, as equal as possible. Waiting on the seller regarding shipping. They mentioned they were fine shipping to CA, but they're awfully hesitant.

    @Bruce Spiegelman
    @melly mel
    @ashburn2k - Pending confirmation.

    @dpc goes west
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