Zeovit anyone?

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    When I bought my tank, it came with a lot of fairly "high end" (cost someone some $) equipment that I know I will not use. I've got a Korallen-Zucht zeovit reactor and some supplies available, so if anyone has ever wanted to try running a zeovit setup, I'm hoping this is a good, relatively inexpensive way to try it out. The reactor itself seems to be in good condition, although it appears to be a bit older. The magnet is still nice and bouncy.

    I'm pretty sure it's one http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/korallen-zucht-2l-zeovit-magnetic-reactor.html but it does seem larger than 2 liters.

    KZ and avast.jpg

    And it also comes with some supplements (opened, mostly full, not sure of age) and a bag of unopened media + some extra media. The liquids are Zeostart, Zeofood, Pohl's Extra and SpongePower.
    KZ stuff.jpg

    Looking to get around $100 for the reactor and supplements, but if I'm way off base, please let me know.

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