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    Does anyone use the ZEOvit system or have experience with it? After the initial cost of the reactor and media to get started, how much does it cost to keep up and running? I know there's a ton of additives and supplements that can be bought, so I'm referring more to just the basic system. Does it do what you expected it to?
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    I think @REEFCARTEL used it for a while.

    Ive heard mixed reviews from it. Some say it doesnt do anything for color/growth.

    Some say it will make your acros color pop.

    Thecoralkings uses zeovit for their acros. Pictures look unbelievably amazing but ive never seen their acros in person.

    Here some tck acros. The colors look too good to be true but I want to say the owner of TCK is an old school reefer formerly known as or owns KTAR?
    image.jpg image.jpg


    Hello. Thanks @Enderturtle

    Yes ive used it since 2013 and honestly I almost gave up on ZeoVit during the first 6 months. I finally started catching on after a year and corals started to show. The reason I was frustrated is because the ZeoVit guide gives you false instructions with Timeframe and the additives do not tell you what it contains in them. ie:
    ZeoBak contains a bit of ammonia and you need to make sure that your bacteria is very mature until you start adding fish. ZeoStart is suppose to be dosed Daily but i havent dosed that in a long time and it actually worked out better. You have more control with your nutrients and if you decide you want to do a mixed reef. Dose less or Bak and Zeostart. I actually love my system now but i wish i had someone to help me in the beginning because it seemed everyone on the Zeo Forum were all confused as well. lol

    The cost is actually the same as if you were to purchase PhosReactors, supplements etc. Its only the initial cost and set up in the beginning that makes it pricey. I actually had to sell off some products because i bought too much and I can tell you which additives that you really need and which ones are effective according to what you are stocking. Just let me know ;) im here to help.


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    @REEFCARTEL I had read that it had very poor literature like your describing. What benefits are you seeing over a "normal" setup?


    Clean sump. Algae control and water polisher. In my experience with Zeovit. Corals and growth will already be enhanced depending on what salt you use and how often you do waterchanges. All ZeoVit is doing is enhancing what is already there.

    Also, another good thing about Zeovit is the water polishers. ZeoZym and Coral snow. Makes water super clear.

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