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  1. Hey everyone
    Im relatively new here and was wondering since i am no pro at zoas
    if i am having issues with them opening and want to get the to recover after reducing intensity of light, what dips would you recommend? How many steps of dips and order?
    I want to make sure they are pest free and i know i know i should have dipped them from the get go and i have for the most part but i might have gotten some pest nudibranches from the live rock i have and are only now surfacing since zoas been added into the tank

  2. Vhuang168

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    Unless you are sure you actually have pests. I would avoid pulling them from the tank and dipping them. Dipping will stress them out more and prolong the time they acclimate to the tank and open up. Possibly causing them to melt.

    Size of tank?
    What are the tank parameters?
    What lights and what schedule are you running them at?

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  3. I have pulled a nudibranch out of 1 colony so far yesterday, nuvo fusion 10 gallon with nano box tide 8 hour light cycle.
    Delay sunrise/sunset 30 min- day pwn set is 160 blue channel and 65 white
    Tank parameters are good i do a 20% change every week and a half
    No fish just cuc and zoas in the tank with 8lbs live rock and 5 lbs sand
  4. 650-IS350

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    If you have nudis, check for egg masses around or on the polyps, scrape them off.


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  5. Vhuang168

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    If you are seeing nudibranchs then absolutely pull them and dip.

    +1 on inspecting for egg sacks.

    I don't know what will knock nudibranchs off but I've been using Bayer on all incoming corals and am having good success with it.

    Though I can't tell if it actually knocked or killed anything specifically because the container is pretty milky and I can't see the bottom really well. But there is usually something on the bottom. Copepods or amphipods or actual pests?

    Good news is I have not introduced any pests into the tank that I can tell!

    (Knocking on every piece of wood I can find right now)

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  6. Hmm i will def look into this bayer dip and i have inspected and havent found spirals of eggs but i will check again just to make sure.
    As far as the bayer is that in RO? and how long of a dip and concentration?
  7. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    I do mine in sw. I leave coral in up to 15 mins depending on how hardy they r.

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