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Discussion in 'Coral' started by Reef For Life, Sep 13, 2015.

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    I'm by no means an expert, I just usually gravitate to keeping Z's and P's most of my reefkeeping career and speak from experience in my own tank.

    Agree on the crappy API and other cheaper test kits, for the longest time my tests were coming up within spec but was having SPS and other coral not happy or dying. After finding another set of testing kit (can't remember the name) I tried it and the API just for the hell of it and they were getting very different numbers. Ended up going to Neptune's and got me a Salifert kH and Cal test kits. I just like using easier test kits instead of multiple solutions, using a TINY syringe etc. Maybe Elos in the future.

    Check and double check your readings also if your using your refractor, it's good to recheck your readings and re-calibrate them time to time. I run my kH a little higher ( that's just what I found works for MY tank @ 9-10DKH)

    What is your lighting configuration? Light placement vs Z's and P's placement in the tank?
    Do you use PROPER light acclimation practice with newly introduced Z's and P's?
    What cast of characters do you have in your tank? ( FIsh? and inverts?)

    seen any of these nasty's around?
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    Imo try adjusting your wc schedule to either 5 or 10% per week and see if that helps. If you have very little to no bio load it could be very well that there just isn't enough nutrients in the tank for the zoas. I would test Ca and alk 3-5 times over the course of a week and see what the readings are as well as nitrates if there is little to no change or even not a large change you may be better off moving your wc further apart and just dosing a little. Zoa's can do well under a variety of conditions and the majority of them are quite hardy, if you have had some of them for a while they should have adapted to lighting by now. Just my few c.
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    What's your magnesium?

    My Zoas respond directly to magnesium changes

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