Zoanthids price range per polyp

Discussion in 'Coral' started by zeeGGee, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. zeeGGee

    zeeGGee Guest

    What's the price range per polyp of the following zoas?

    -Tubbs blue
    -Gobstopper Everlasting

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Brandon Hamamoto

    Brandon Hamamoto Supporting Member

    I can speak for rastas they can barely get $5pp
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  3. zeeGGee

    zeeGGee Guest


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  4. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    Tubbs Blues are an oldie but goodie,
    I don't think they are hard to find at all. If you can find someone that has them, they can usually be had for almost nothing or free. The trick is... to find someone Willing to frag them for you.
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  5. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    I would say all those should be 5$ or less per polyp.

    Ive been selling rastas for 10$ per polyp but they gotta be good size and colored nicely. Overall, look good.

    Just like any coral, zoas can be unhealthy and show discoloration, loss of skirt, and shrinkage.

    I have some candy apple red zoas that look so bad in my tank but i keep them bcuz i think they will color up when my tank parameters are right.
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