Zoas disappearing

Discussion in 'Coral' started by reefermadness707, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Night after night for the past couple of days I noticed a couple more heads are missing every night. Nooooooooooooooo my eagle eyes.
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    You might want to identify what type of fish and invertibrates you have in your tank.
  3. I have only been in the hobby now for 7 months,my parameters are good I have a 37 gallon bowfront with one 250 watt mh and I use a hexarc blue bulb thats almost three months old now.

    I run my lights 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

    No fish just inverts and corals

    One Skunk cleaner shrimp

    RBTA, alot of softies/lps

    couple red leg hermits

    nassarius snails,cerith snails,nerite snails,turbos,one leapord nassarius,sand sifting star that im trying to get rid of.

    I was wondering if there was some type of worm or critter that was living inside the live rock and coming out at night but ive looked over and over again and never see anything but bristle worms
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    That first one has always creeped me out.
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    Not sure, but my guess is that the colony is slowly dying, and as each one dies, your
    hermits and shrimp move in and eat the dead ones at night.
    It can make it look like sudden disappearance when the root cause is
    really a slower process.

    No idea on cause. Zoa Pox maybe. Pests. Look online.
    Could be water parameters. You say they are good, but no details there.
    Or just one of those things. Zoa colonies sometimes just die it seems.

    A suggestion would be to pop them out and do a weak hydrogen peroxide dip.
    I believe there is a good thread on that on bareefers site.
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    Do a 20% Hydro mix with 80% water in a small cup or bucket dip for a few minds. Rinse after then drop em back in tank. Careful some Z's and P's don't like dips much.
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    And use at least gloves! If not glasses as well!
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    use Proper Protective Equipment
  10. What i thought were bristle worms were actually fire worms.Did not know the difference before.
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    My vote is for the black Eunicid worm that Charles posted links to. I had one in a tank once and finally saw it eating my zoo polyps at night. Ugly creepy thing, couldn't get it out from the live rock and had to eventually dismantle the tank. You can try removing one live rock at a time and leaving it in a bucket overnight to isolate the critter, but it's no guarantee. I rank that worm & a hitchhiker mantis shrimp as part of my top ten worst reefing experiences. Good luck.

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