Zoas disappearing

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by Roc, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Roc

    Roc Guest

    So I have not seen this before but I got a mini colony about a month ago, when I 1st brought it home it looked like this

    [img width=1000 height=750]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v19/1Iroc/120galcorals7-8-08016.jpg[/img]

    Today they look like this

    [img width=1000 height=750]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v19/1Iroc/120%20Gallon%20Reef/Corals7-19-08021.jpg[/img]

    what could be eating them?

    Fish in tank

    Blue hippo tang
    Yellow tang
    royal gamma
    2 flase perc's
    yellow tailed damsel
  2. LeviT

    LeviT Guest

    How long between the 2 pics? I'm sad to say I've had.... many zoas slowly dissolve/disappear. I actually managed to get 4 superman zoas and I'm already down to 3 (well practically 2.5) :( I'm going to try some coral dips to try and jazz them up a bit. Some say it could be water parms, toxic warfare, protein/nutrient levels or unknown habitat variations.
  3. iani

    iani Guest

    Wild pieces seem to die back pretty easily. I think that is just how they are. It might have something to do with poor nutrient levels (low nutrients) which is good for everything else but zoas and yumas.
  4. Roc

    Roc Guest

    It was about 3 weeks between the pics, all perameters seem to be nor,al
  5. Dyngoe

    Dyngoe Guest

    It looks like it could be one of the two common zoa problems, both of which I was able to beat.
    1. Zoa Pox: The piece on the left looks like it MAY have pox, but I'm not sure. This can be cured with Furan2 dips.
    2. More likely this is another kind of fungus. I was somewhat aggressive, due to impatience and combined an iodine dip along with a hydrogen peroxide dip, followed by two days of furan2 dips.
    The iodine dip you just make a little stronger than usual.
    The peroxide dip you slowly add peroxide to a container holding the zoas until you see bubbles coming off the skin.
    Furan2 instructions can be found here: (works for other fungus besides pox)

    I wouldn't give up. You can still win!
  6. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Check out your hippo tang - sometimes they "can" start snacking on zoas.
  7. MontanaBay

    MontanaBay Guest

    I had great success recovering "melting" zoas by dosing ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in corals and also to stimulate collagen production. There is a long thread on in the Zoanthid section on RC with this discussion. Is it just this colony showing this distress? I would worry about those white, lumpy growths at the base of the polyp, suggests pox or fungus as mentioned before.


  8. Roc

    Roc Guest

    it is only one colony out of maybe 10 colonies
  9. beaupierce

    beaupierce Guest

    zoa pox????please explain...i am having the same problem...
  10. Roc

    Roc Guest

    RIP to the pink zoas
  11. Dyngoe

    Dyngoe Guest

    Roc, you going to the swap in August? I have some extra pink zoos I can bring to replace your loss. Sorry you couldn't save them.
  12. Roc

    Roc Guest

    I am going to show up, but I won't be able to stay for the whole thing, I would love some if you got em though, I have an underground train of Mr ugly to Bookfish to be able to get things I can't grab myself, they are the best handlers :)
  13. Dyngoe

    Dyngoe Guest

    I'll pull some off the colony and put them on a plug when I get home this weekend. If you don't make it, I'll give them to your reef coyotes. ;D
  14. Roc

    Roc Guest

    Thanks a lot man, I really liked having some zoas that arn't brown somewhere on them.
  15. Dyngoe

    Dyngoe Guest

    Are you lacking zoos? If so, I'll pull off a few different colors. Can't spare too much since I just did a cleaning and I'm prepping for the swap BUT I can pull off at least a sampling for you.
  16. Roc

    Roc Guest

    I wouldnt say lacking, check out my tank thread to see what i have.
  17. Roc

    Roc Guest

    I am going to show up as early to the swap as possible becuase I don't want to disture ppl who are trying to go and pick and I really can't stay long but I will be there at least for a little while.
  18. hiepatitis

    hiepatitis Guest

    Hey Seamus,

    Have you tried to look for any parasites. Nudis and Sundial snails can be hard to see.
  19. Roc

    Roc Guest

    [quote author=hiepatitis link=topic=4138.msg50020#msg50020 date=1217022759]
    Hey Seamus,

    Have you tried to look for any parasites. Nudis and Sundial snails can be hard to see.

    Thing is this.

    I have at least 10 other colonies of zoas and they have all been in the tank for awhile and have done nothing but grow and florish, i added these recently and they started to disapear right away. i know someone who got more of this colony I will ask him if they are still alive but I think it was a fungas
  20. hiepatitis

    hiepatitis Guest

    Fungus smells funky so next time give it a good wiff. Keep your eyes closely watching the other zoas incase the fungus or parasite spreads.

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