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  1. Brandon Hamamoto

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    Hello Fellow Reefers,

    Have some bread and butter zoanthids for sale! Trying to make room in the frag tank.
    1-3 are BamBams. (#1 Sold)
    4-6 are LA lakers. (#6 Sold)
    7-8 are ricordea mushrooms. (All Sold)
    9-Captain America Palys. (#9 Sold)
    10- Belladonas.
    11-13 are neat mushrooms (I've seen them called Aussie Jawbreakers, Fireworks Jawbreakers). All sold!
    14-16 are I believe Blowpops.
    17-18 are I believe Kedd's Reds Zoas.

    Prices and numbers are in the pictures. Paypal to hold and please message me for meetup. The other pictures are close up shots so you can get a better look.

    Fullshot1.jpg Fullshot2.jpg

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    pm sent

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