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Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by yardartist, May 8, 2009.

  1. yardartist

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    These are not closing like the AOG did for low flow and high salinity. The salinity is currently 1.026. They have been like this all day. Any ideas what to look for as cause?

    All in the photo are the same zoa. They would normally be solid open and the size of the largest in the sot on the right side. About a third of the colony is shrunk down. Still open, but small, and the color intense.


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  2. Lyn

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    Check your alkalinity? I'm sure there are other causes.

    I once had some zoas shrink, but all the others looked fine. I didn't think anything was wrong with my water until I tested, and Alk was low. After some baking soda, they opened back up. :)

    Also, my Zoas don't like heavy things sitting on them, like a crab. And they get very upset and stay closed for a long time if they fall over face down, especially if I don't notice right away to turn them right-side up.
  3. A_Lee

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    If it has only been like that for one day, I wouldn't fret too much ... yet
  4. MontanaBay

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    steady, steady, steady, steady......when corals do something funky, check your parameters, make any modifications, then let your system equalize over a couple days to a couple weeks, zoas can be goofy just be patient (unless something is eating them).



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