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  1. Tmjvb

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    Hyper jubilees 2P - $70
    Blue Hornets - $10
    Sunny D 2P - $10

    If you take the hyper jubilees blue hornets and sunny D’s come FREE.

    I have a couple other zoas as well, some unnamed variants and more common ones too.
    PM for more pictures or questions.

    Not interested in trades at the moment
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  2. Tmjvb

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    F61B4FD4-E09E-48E9-B2A8-176DC4BBE22F.jpeg 135A49FD-894E-491C-9B63-906AC0415258.jpeg D9F28286-920F-4FF3-87D3-7F3F94C0307C.jpeg

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  3. ashburn2k

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    where are you located

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  4. Tmjvb

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    Im in San Jose near evergreen college

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