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Mike at the Fish Doctor in Pacifica has graciously volunteered to host the July event. This will be held on Saturday, July 14th from 12-2p.

He is setting up a new coral tank to streamline his coral grow out system. His tutorial will include buffing out the tank, plumbing the system together, and moving corals into the new tank. This will be a hands on tutorial,

educational and a good team building experience with a goal of conserving corals by way of aquaculture. Mike's goal is that he would like to aquaculture at least 80% of the corals he sells.

Mike has also proposed a wholesale coral buy for everyone to help fund this project. He would like to get at least 10 people (15 would be great) to commit $100 in advance for the event. What you'll be getting for your money is at least $200 retail of corals (50% discount off my regular prices). In addition, Mike would offer an ongoing 25% discount on corals at his store for 90 days and 25% off any corals ordered from his wholesalers at the event.

Also, if you have a coral you want to share, bring it, we will frag it and everyone goes home with free coral just like last time.