Speaker Event

Speaker Event

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BAR will be hosting a presentation by a reef nutrition expert covering techniques and principals of culturing pods used at a commercial reef nutrition production facility. The guest speaker will be Chad Clayton, the Live Feeds Supervisor for Reed Mariculture. As you may know, Reed Mariculture cultures and sells live mysid shrimp and copepods including Parvocalanus crassirostris and Tigriopus californicus (aka tigger pods) and is the company which produces the Reef Nutrition products.

This presentation will be more of a discussion on pod culturing. Bring your questions if you want to discuss topics related to reef nutrition. This is the perfect learning opportunity for those people who are interested in keeping those pesky "hard-to-keep-alive-because-it-doesnt-eat-prepared-food" species like dragonets, certain wrasses, sea horses, pipefish etc. These fish tend to only eat pods or live foods like brine shrimp and mysis. Unfortunately, often times these fish deplete the pod population of our tanks quickly and slowly starve to death. Come learn how a reef nutrition expert cultures and feeds pods.

The Speaker:

Chad Clayton is an incredibly knowledgeable aquarist as well as the Live Feeds Supervisor for Reed Mariculture's Reef Nutrition. He's worked in numerous hatcheries from coast to coast, from Hawaii doing commercial food fish aquaculture, to Florida where he worked at ORA for many years. Live Feeds is just one of many areas Chad specializes in, feel free to bring your own questions related to reef nutrition, don't hold back he loves to teach! You're welcome to bring up discussion on any topics related to coral, invertebrate, and fish nutrition.

Here is a link to Chad Clayton's Profile Page on OSRA.

Main topics
  • How to culture the various groups of copepods
  • Why...