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  1. PjFish
    Seven months saltwater newby!10g,30g, current project 120g(4×2×2) all mixed reefs
  2. Reefatosis
    Praying for snow
  3. SANdMAN
    empty tank, no stand, no water yet
  4. Jeff Rehling
    Jeff Rehling Coral reefer
    Thanks Coral Reefer for all your time today working on my tank! solid!
  5. Jeff Rehling
    Jeff Rehling
    Still learning this hobby!
  6. screebo
    Raising N Class Snakeskin Endlers. One planted 30 gallon breeding tank and one planted 38 gallon bow-front for males only.
  7. bondolo
  8. Dnapareefer
    Dnapareefer sfsuphysics
    Hey buddy new member here any chance you could teach me how to post pictures on a thread id like to make a thread about my current build but cant upload pictures from my android.
  9. Coral2002
    Happy Reef!
  10. Frank Ignagni
    Frank Ignagni
    Hi guys. New to the modern version of reefing. Used to do this back in the 90’s. A lot has changed. Live in Fresno area (coarsegold)z
  11. pranav
  12. 2manyhobbies
    2manyhobbies mray2660
    Mike, did you get the latest on the meeting schedule? If not, I have listed what I have below
    Apr: Member Frag Swap
    May: Screen Cover Build
    Jun: Kessil Tour
    Jul: Fish Doc Clinic & Beach Cleanup
    Aug: Farmers Market
    Sep: MACNA - Las Vegas
    Oct: Regional Frag Swap
    Nov: Steinhart Tour
    Dec: Rich Ross
  13. juanfdezdc
    Live in Sunnyvale and recently started with a 100 gallon tank
  14. Arvind
  15. juanfdezdc
    juanfdezdc Edgar Sandoval
    By the way, if you are available. I cold go to your place tomorrow to pick the frags.
    I have a 100 gallon aquarium, I just started with it less than 2 months ago and I still don't have many corals so all frags are welcome.
    My phone number is: 669 225 9738
  16. juanfdezdc
    juanfdezdc Edgar Sandoval
    Hi/Hola Edgar,
    Thanks A LOT for the free green SPS small colonie.
    Can you send me a picture to:
    When would it be possible to pick it up?
  17. jmcastaneda1974
    Trying to comeback to the hobby...
  18. Julius Chen
    Julius Chen RandyC
  19. Kim Pattison
    Kim Pattison
    Kimmie's Clownfish Factory
  20. Raidernation08
    Raidernation08 gabloo
    Good Morning gabloo just wanted to know what coral you had for dbtc i could be considered for and for sale, thanks