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  • Mike, The file box you gave me has docs from 2004-05. Most are of new members and IRS statements. There are no documents from the State of California or anything officially recognizing us as an entity.

    There is one file pertaining to your wife and her mother and father which should be with your documents.

    Therefore, there has to be another file box with the pertinent information.
    Mike, did you get the latest on the meeting schedule? If not, I have listed what I have below
    Apr: Member Frag Swap
    May: Screen Cover Build
    Jun: Kessil Tour
    Jul: Fish Doc Clinic & Beach Cleanup
    Aug: Farmers Market
    Sep: MACNA - Las Vegas
    Oct: Regional Frag Swap
    Nov: Steinhart Tour
    Dec: Rich Ross
    Hey Mike, Since you will busy, as I understand it, and not at the swap, I have volunteered to pick up the stuff we need from you. Please let me know of a good date and time and your address and I will come down and pick up everything.

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