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    LF PH probe Calibration fluid 4.01

    Hi BA Reefers, As the title said, are looking for 4.01 ph calibration fluids. If anyone close by SF have any extra, would love to buy it from you. Needed to calibration my Alkatronic ph probe. TIA!
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    Soccer playing fish

    Anyone want to try this with their fish?
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    Bare Bottom Bio Filtration

    Hi Everyone, Looking to add more Bio filtration for my bare bottom setup, currently have about 60-70 lbs of live rock, total water volume is about 150g and looking to add more in the sum. What is everyone using and what would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
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    Seems the Mastertronic is out I was thinking of getting the Alkatronic over the other ones, and with not much experiences with the latest testing controllers. But after reading this post and it seems that this line is like a never ending...
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    L/F PH 4.01 calibration solution

    Hi guys, Does anyone know which local fish store have the PH 4.01 calibration solution in stock? Or anyone has a extra one laying around they could sell? Need to calibrate the ph probe for the cal reactor and don't want to wait a week or so for delivery. Thanks in advance! Mark
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    Masterflex L/S 17 Tubing

    Hey Guys, Anyone have a foot or two of the L/S tubings I can buy? Need the L/S 17 tubing to setup and test my masterflex pump that I just got. Thanks in advance! Mark
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    L/F masterflex pump head that takes L/S 17

    Hey guys, Checking to see if anyone have a Masterflex pump head that takes L/S 17 tubing for sale? Thanks, Mark
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    Fug light

    Hi, My fug light just die, looking for something to grow my chateo. Nothing expensive. Any recommendations or someone has one for sale? Thanks,
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    Just joined

    Hey Reefers, Been lurking around in and out a few years, finally decided to join to utilize some of the supporting benefits and meeting more great reefers. I'm in S.F. Mark