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  1. Srt4eric

    Sf to southbay

    I'm headed up to sf this afternoon. Does anyone in the southbay need me to grab anything from sf? I have a large frag tank that's pretty much empty so I can hold for a bit too.
  2. Srt4eric

    6.5 gallon bucket w/ ro float valve

    I have a 6.5 gallon bucket with a ro float valve installed on it so it shuts off at 5 gallons. I don't use or need it anymore so it's free. I'm in San Jose but am headed to sf this afternoon around 1.
  3. Srt4eric

    DBTC: Utter Choas

    I just added Utter Choas to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  4. Srt4eric

    I effing love Apex!!!

    So I just left my house after finishing my lunch break. About two blocks away I watch a transformer on a power pole explode and all the traffic lights shut down. Me running late to my next job I start to worry that my power is now out and I don't have time to set up my generator and save all my...
  5. Srt4eric

    Cheap filter floss

    Micheals is having a clearance on this stuff. $3 for 1.25lbs!!! I'm set on filter floss for a while!!!
  6. Srt4eric

    32g brute w/ lid and float valve.

    I have a 32 gallon brute with lid and an ro float valve installed. The float valve fills the can up to 25 gallons. $free. I'm in San Jose.
  7. Srt4eric


    I've never been to CFM before. I'm wondering who else here is planning on going? Has anyone here gone to the Friday "vip" early access before? Is it worth it or do you recommend just going on the Saturday?
  8. Srt4eric

    Free pulsing xenia

    I have two frags floating in my tank right now. This stuff grows like crazy and I don't really want it in my new tank. I have a ton in my frag tank also. Located in San Jose.
  9. Srt4eric

    Feeding tangs.

    So I put nori on a little magnetic clip and the tangs loved it. I then bought an algae grazer and they haven't touched it. Should I give it time or is the one I bought just garbage. It's from IM
  10. Srt4eric

    Scopus tang

    I've been looking at these fish and I'm getting a lot of different info on minimum tank size. I've read that 125 is a minimum and I've also read 75 minimum. What do you all think about a Scopus in a 100g?
  11. Srt4eric

    Thanks for breaking my heart Aqua Lab...

    Go to Aqua Lab Aquaria on my lunch just to look around. I've got that new tank I need to fill. They have a bunch of yellow tangs and multiple price tags saying $99. I get supper excited, I tell my girlfriend we are getting one and I even text a couple bar members. I get off work to go buy my new...
  12. Srt4eric

    BRS and Sicce contest!!!

    I won an Instagram contest!!!
  13. Srt4eric

    Fritz salt help!!!

    So a couple hours ago I dumped 20 cups into 40 gallons of water. Fritz says 1/2 cup per gallon. I go to check salinity and my hanna says 2.3 ppt. I was slightly confused by this so I dip the hanna into my frag tank. Sure enough 35ppt on the nose. Check my mix again and it's 2.3. Check with my...
  14. Srt4eric

    Gate valves

    @robert4025 do you guys stock gate valves? For some reason gate valves are the only thing I can't get at plumbing supply houses.
  15. Srt4eric

    First time apex user.

    So the new build I picked up came with an apex, eb832, leak detectors and a flow meter. My question is what equipment do I want to plug into the eb832 and what equipment should I just plug into the wall?
  16. Srt4eric

    Another salt question

    I'm currently using Fritz rpm salt. It comes is a 55lb box with 4 13.75lb bags in the box. The box states it makes 200 gallons. Is it safe to assume that I can just dump one of the bags into 50 gallons and that should be fine? Of course I'm going to test salinity after mixing. I've never had to...
  17. Srt4eric

    Radion xr30 x bracket question.

    I'm looking on ecotechs website and I see they are selling the g5 x-brackets. My question is will the g5 brackets work on the g3? I have 3 gen 3s that I want to hang.
  18. Srt4eric

    Jester and orange spot goby

    I'm converting to bare bottom so I'd like to find a good home for both my gobys. I have a small jester and an orange spot. Not looking for anything in return just a good home for either one. Pick up in San Jose. Supporting members get first dibs
  19. Srt4eric

    Booster pumps.

    Imagine this booster pumps on your rodi setup. Dual 25hp electric motors. I'm installing these Saturday in a 3rd level basement for a 17 story building downtown SJ.
  20. Srt4eric

    Another bare bottom question...

    When I replace my 40 with my new 100 I plan on converting to bare bottom. Right now I have a bunch of nassarius snails and a couple conchs. Do I need to rehome all these guys?