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  1. Ibn

    Bonus/Ultra SPS List - 2021 update

    Almost impossible to find the 10k/20k lokani nowadays. BigR definitely should be ultra if it can be confirmed even though it grows really well considering that it's a tenuis. It's always in demand. The OG PM is nearly impossible to find as well along with its pink counterpart, which is even...
  2. Ibn

    Waterbox Cube 20G

    Blue light special with ~30 minutes left on the photoperiod.
  3. Ibn

    SPS Reef tanks at 80 plus degrees?

    Yep, as long as it's not a drastic daily change, it isn't an issue. Ran one of my tanks at 80-82 for ~a year, but then dropped it once I picked up a school of ventralis, which does better at lower temps.
  4. Ibn

    Waterbox Cube 20G

    Found my first baby Trochus on the back side wall. Blurry pic but ohs well. It was almost impossible to take a pic of due to its size (1/8") and location.
  5. Ibn

    Suggestions for calcium reactor

    The calcium reactor doesn't matter too much tbh. I've been using a generic reactor that I picked up from BigAl's for awhile now and it does it's job (knock off Aquamaxx). The feed pump and regulator are more critical components. I would go with what John mentioned above - geo 612, carbon doser...
  6. Ibn

    Stn or being eaten?

    Is that a circular mark devoid of tissue in the circled area? Pull the frag from the rock, invert it over a container of tank water (toss some melafix pond in it), and then vigorously swish it around to see if anything falls off.
  7. Ibn

    How to add a 2nd sump to an existing sump?

    Actually that's how old you can tell those pictures were. I haven't used a stamp in a long time since I didn't want to keep updating the years in the stamp out of laziness.
  8. Ibn

    How to add a 2nd sump to an existing sump?

    At one point in time, I commissioned Keith Grant to build a 2 part acrylic sump for me for the 4 gallon Miracles tank, which was then transferred over to the 10G afterwards. The larger of the two sat below the tank with most of the equipment with the secondary sump sitting next to the tank...
  9. Ibn


    Was hot enough to drive tank to 80 so ended up turning on the room AC. Pretty much describes what it was like today.
  10. Ibn

    June 26, 2021 - Frag Swap Volunteer signup

    Doesn't look like it's needed. I'll catch up with others another time.
  11. Ibn

    Featured June 26, 2021 - Member's Frag Swap

    Meh, I have no plans on participating as a member. I just took the liberty of offering my time to assist with the swap while I drink beer and catch up with others, but it sounds like it's not welcomed. I've edited my attendance and will catch up with others another time.
  12. Ibn

    June 26, 2021 - Frag Swap Volunteer signup

    I can help with check up and patrol, as long as I can freely drink in the area. :p
  13. Ibn

    Featured June 26, 2021 - Member's Frag Swap

    Those should probably exist somewhere on the softies list as part of the 3 frags requirement...
  14. Ibn

    Waterbox Cube 20G

    Not much happening. Colors are coming in, coralline showing up, and alk is slowly being consumed. Been dropping the effluent down to target levels since I had to up it awhile back, when I noticed that the demand wasn't so high, after clearing out some corals. Also been dosing potassium nitrates...
  15. Ibn

    Speed up skimmer break in period

    Just run it overnight for 24 hours if you're not in a rush (which you shouldn't be since most tanks can do w/out a skimmer for that length of time, especially a new one). That should remove any sort of residual oils or residues. You can run it for less, but I prefer to run it in the solution for...
  16. Ibn

    Speed up skimmer break in period

    10:1 water to vinegar bath. Just toss the skimmer into the solution, into a bucket, and plug it in. Run this overnight and you should be good to go.
  17. Ibn

    Cog's 36g Reef

    UV definitely will clear that out in a day or so. Looking at your water parameters, tank is a bit too lean nutrients wise, most likely due to the addition of the Microbacter, and I wouldn't use it going forward. Add more snails and beef up your cuc, as Eric mentioned. For that size tank, I...
  18. Ibn

    TSA visit

    Some amazing looking pieces. So are they gonna slap at least a couple of SKY over one of their tanks?
  19. Ibn

    Frag Swap Bonus & Ultra Coral List

    Cali tort is on the bonus list, so Pink Caddy should as well, at the minimum. Always in demand, grows well, with good colors. ATL Purple Rain is an old school piece that wasn't really high in demand back then or now. I'd consider it along the lines of a green slimer. Nice to have as a...
  20. Ibn

    Featured Celebrating Pride

    I heard that you had to dress up as a little green person and sing a ditty, while frolicking in a meadow. You might be able to stumble upon a penny, but others who see you might even toss some dollar bills at you and possibly provide the info to seek help at the same time.