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  1. NanoCrazed

    The real reason for DBTC

    This is why DBTC exists... My DBTC mother rainbow pocillopora colony after suffering at hands of Dr Tim's Eco-balance: Thankfully i have dbtc'd among my other tanks....
  2. NanoCrazed

    "Ignore" Function -- Did you know?

    Just tested the "IGNORE" button -- on BAR, it completely hides all posts from user who gets the function applied on. Not just blocking PM messages... NICE!
  3. NanoCrazed

    PIF: Handmade Shoji Panels / Doors

    Edit: corrected dimensions ==== Have a set of custom handmade shoji doors and panels made by Hana Shoji in Oakland. Great craftsmanship (after all, he did make and install shojis at Larry Ellison's place in Atherton :). ) Had replaced these when we did our last remodel but have been holding...
  4. NanoCrazed

    Quiet Skimmer?

    With my tanks right next to my desk, and about to start up two more skimmers, I'm considering moving to a quieter skimmer. Any one have experiences between Vertex vs Deltec vs NYOS in terms of noise? Currently running Vertex atm.
  5. NanoCrazed

    Dino ID Guide

    Found this resource on R2R the other day... it's a really nicely put together guide to ID dinos and some suggested actions.
  6. NanoCrazed

    Trusted Online Vendors List

    @Tim Obert 's post the other day about poor online experiences gave me the idea that it might be good to have a running list of online vendors that we've had positive dealings with. While I always prefer LFS first, some things just aren't available locally. Quick list to start. Some well...
  7. NanoCrazed

    PIF: Kenya Tree

    That time again! While i was trying to save my DT with a WC, i figure might as well improve flow and harvest some kenyas off my rockwork. Have a bunch to offer up to supporting members. Lemme know!
  8. NanoCrazed

    Phantom markings on lightning maroon

    My lightning has been developing phantom markings over last few months. With traits getting stronger over time. First time I've seen this... any ideas? (@Kim Pattison ?) (BTW, this is one of the 2 that cost me more than half of my shroom collection... grrr. Hopefully it'll pay me back...
  9. NanoCrazed

    Saddest pic ever...

    Converting my shroom tank to sps... especially after the maroons covered the majority of my collection with sand in and aggressive overnight "house cleaning" 8x8 pond basket filled with empty frag plugs that use to have shrooms... :( you can imagine how many plugs and shrooms once were...
  10. NanoCrazed

    PSA: The importance of calibrating your Trident

    Can you tell at what point I switched out my reagent, and then calibrated? Picture said 1000 words. Calibrate those Tridents when switching out reagents regularly! When I saw my numbers jump up, I erred on side of caution and shut off my doser, which contributed to the decline in Ca+ levels...
  11. NanoCrazed

    Kessil Laser Canons...

    Some yet to be released Kessils at Neptune. Look like laser cannons to me...with promise of firing off insane PAR. Great colors in the tank! Check them out if your in there next time. It's in their display room...
  12. NanoCrazed

    Coral Fight Club!

    I still get surprised by who wins a coral battle.... so thpught be a fun (and educational) thread to get examples of battles and outcome. Yes, already breaking the rules by talking abouy it... Here's my lastest: SPS vs hairy mushroom... shroom wins. Losing a whole branch due to rolling...
  13. NanoCrazed

    Purple stylo

    Got two tall purple stylos available for PIF... Supporting members only. Give me a PM. Pick up in Mountain View
  14. NanoCrazed

    Dosing agents from Autozone and Ace Hardware -- say what?

    Finally got my ICP since using non-standard sources for dosing Mg, Ca, Alk... Was thinking that I would see off the charts bad stuff from possible impurities from the stuff but looks good enough to continue using (RFH's Recipe #1). Alk: A&M Super Washing Soda CA: Prestone Driveway Heat Mg...
  15. NanoCrazed

    Bug / hitchhiker ID

    Saw this on a recent colony despite dips... any ideas? Looks like a mollusk of sorts but actually crawls and has antennas. First i thought of were black bugs but didn't seem to match drawings Any ideas? See it crawling on a colony and then followed by STN. Maybe coincidence but has me...
  16. NanoCrazed

    Nanocrazed's Shroom Clinic...

    After helping with a few BAR members' shroom, I thought it would be a fun thread to track progress for intakes. :) And maybe along the way, i might happen to share something that might help others with their own shrooms. === I should also mention that I am making my "clinic" a BAR supporting...
  17. NanoCrazed

    PSA: Petco $1/Gal Sale is ON!

    FYI -- in case anyone needs a cheap tank
  18. NanoCrazed

    Ich from Urchins?

    Looked at one of my tanks today and surprised by my tangs showing signs of ich. Been ich-free for over probably a year now. Aside from frags, the only thing I've added were urchins from LA. Didn't think they would carry ich but maybe the water in the transfer? I don't QT inverts... but...
  19. NanoCrazed

    ID - AEFW?

    Did a dip and found two little blobs at the bottom of cup. Does this look like AEFW? Small as pin heads so pic is under microscope...
  20. NanoCrazed

    Zombie Clownfish

    Found a pair of semi-newly released ORA clownfish on Liveaquaria and pulled the trigger. Never heard of them until I stumbled on the Diver's Den listing. Apparently, these are albino black occs with red eyes, and coloration that'll darken a bit with age. Admittedly, I thought they were ugly...