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    Refugium Livestock

    What’s up B.A.R. I just recently setup a 50 gallon stock tank as an external refugium. I plan to keep Macro Algae on the right side and some Mushrooms and couple other softies on the left side. Left side is running an A80 and the right side is going to be running a H80. I have 2 Tupperware...
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    Good morning fellow reefers. I am in the final stages of my external 50 gallon stock tank external refugium build. This is plumbed into my 210 Gallon reef. As the title states, I am looking for a good Refugium Light. I want to be able to grow various types of macro algae and I also would like...
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    Phil’s 17.1 Nano Build

    Hi guys. Been a lurker on the forums for a while and decided it was time to step out of the shadows and share my latest build with you guys. I have only been reefing since late 2016. I was FOWLR prior to that since 2008. My first reef was a 150 gallon mixed reef. I have recently upgraded to a...