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  1. LukeTheReefer

    Aiptasia X harm corals

    I have these beatiful zoas here( dont know the name.) There was a small aiptasia next to it and it got some of the aiptasia x on it and know it seems to have damaged the coral. Has this happens to anyone else, I assume it will heal. Just a warning because I thought it was reef safe. Sent from...
  2. LukeTheReefer

    DBTC: Common brown toadstool

    I just added Common brown toadstool to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  3. LukeTheReefer

    Anemone Guard Suggestions?

    Any suggestions on a DIY anemone guard. Rn I’m thinking of doing the pantyhose method. I’ve seen some people say it gets clogged in the powerhead if it’s big, but I have a smaller powerhead so I think it will be okay. What have you guys done to make one. I’ve seen some things about 3D printing...
  4. LukeTheReefer

    Lukes 20 Gallon Tank Journal Restarted

    20 Gallon IM AIO tank -Running Filter sock on one side, and filter floss on the other with tons of bio filters in the back. -Using AI Prime (nano Karen light schedule) -Cheap Chinese ATO -Cheap Chinese Powerhead (broke) -Use reef...
  5. LukeTheReefer

    What is this??

    This brownish rusty color stuff is all over the back of my sump. Don’t know what it is and it’s not going away. Easy to wipe of but idk if I should or just leave it. Would love to hear what you guys think it is, whether or not I should get rid of it and if so how I should do so. Thanks. Sent...
  6. LukeTheReefer

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hello, my name is Luke and I have just recently found and joined BAR. I am currently 16 and am attending high school (well until coronavirus hit :) ) in saratoga and recently got my first saltwater tank. I finnaly set up my 20g Innovative marine tank at the beginning of January after a long...