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  1. WAR5150

    Can you ID this coral?

    Thanks! That’s definitely what it looks like
  2. WAR5150

    Can you ID this coral?

    I'm visiting my parents and my dad has this coral all over his tank because it grows so tall and easily. He has a very mature and successful system but doesn't know most of what his corals are actually called, he just gets what he likes and it works for him. These pictures are all of the same...
  3. WAR5150

    Coral Banded Shrimp- Please take it (Fairfield)

    Back on April 25 I got a coral banded shrimp from Neptune in attempt to curb the amount of bristleworms I have. I know the worms are generally good (although I am pretty sure I recently ID'd a fireworm that was unseen before) but I just wanted less of them so I figured it would be an excuse to...
  4. WAR5150

    DIY apex controller board

    I tried doing a cabinet/board when I first set up the tank, pretty much a failure from the start. Now I just mounted everything straight into the wall behind the tank lol
  5. WAR5150

    Fragging/Dipping workshop 6/5, 10a-12p

    That was a great event. It was really good to continue associating faces with names since this was only my second event (+1 zoom) I have been around for. The knowledge and generosity of this club is amazing, I'm really happy to be a part of it. This was the first time I've tried fragging...
  6. WAR5150

    Fragging/Dipping workshop 6/5, 10a-12p

    As a Bills fan, I will resist the urge to jump on it
  7. WAR5150

    Will everything die?!?!?

    I’m routinely gone for 6-9 days at a time and the tank hold out just fine. I do have an apex auto feeder though and that makes a big difference for me.
  8. WAR5150

    Fragging/Dipping workshop 6/5, 10a-12p

    Haha yea, I guess there really isn’t too much “road” involved when we go out
  9. WAR5150

    Fragging/Dipping workshop 6/5, 10a-12p

    I’ll try to make it with a +1. With my luck, work will send me out on the road a day or two before but have to wait and see.
  10. WAR5150

    Biota Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

    I got my little guy in yesterday! Seems to be doing alright so far. Naturally, I’ve been waiting months for one of these guys, finally can get one, and work sends me out on the road for a week without much warning.
  11. WAR5150

    Biota Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

    Biota let me add to cart/pay and I received a confirmation e-mail, but nothing about shipping yet. Guess we'll wait and see!
  12. WAR5150

    DBTC: Aiptasia eating Berghia Nudibranchs

    Do you still have some? I know it's last minute but I'm going to San Jose tomorrow and could swing through on my way back up to Fairfield
  13. WAR5150

    Biota Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

    Thank you. Liveaquaria was the place I kept checking and wow is it marked up there.
  14. WAR5150

    Biota Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

    Where did you get them from? I’ve been trying to get a captive bred yellow tang for a while now.
  15. WAR5150

    Day Job?

    Air Force pilot. Being gone and moving all the time stinks, but that per diem let’s me buy corals when I do get to enjoy my tank.
  16. WAR5150

    very sad day

    Really sorry to see that :(
  17. WAR5150

    Getting tired of testing and adjusting Alk/Ca. Trident?

    I use the Trident and like how simple it is. That said, I've had a few experiences where a test will fail (usually test A) and it doesn't tell you why, you have to figure it out for yourself. Sometimes it is because the testing agent is low, other times... well I don't really know. The Trident...
  18. WAR5150

    Tuxedo vs Pincushion Urchin

    I have a tuxedo and I love it. It decided my zoas looked better as a hat than a stationary coral but that is just fun.
  19. WAR5150

    Bags of new sand. Some live some dry

    I just bought sand a week ago. Timing is everything.
  20. WAR5150

    I came home to one less fish

    Something about being so close to the water makes that seem worse I think. Sorry.