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  1. WAR5150

    Can you ID this coral?

    I'm visiting my parents and my dad has this coral all over his tank because it grows so tall and easily. He has a very mature and successful system but doesn't know most of what his corals are actually called, he just gets what he likes and it works for him. These pictures are all of the same...
  2. WAR5150

    Coral Banded Shrimp- Please take it (Fairfield)

    Back on April 25 I got a coral banded shrimp from Neptune in attempt to curb the amount of bristleworms I have. I know the worms are generally good (although I am pretty sure I recently ID'd a fireworm that was unseen before) but I just wanted less of them so I figured it would be an excuse to...
  3. WAR5150

    I came home to one less fish

    I was gone for 2 1/2 weeks on a work trip. During that time, I had two different people take care of the tank for me doing the easy stuff like feed and clean the glass. After 1 1/2 weeks, I heard back that the person didn't see my newest friend a little firefish. I thought it was peculiar...
  4. WAR5150

    Some Refugium Questions (And a chaeto call)

    I decided to start a refugium a little while back but it was less than a success. I got my hands on a chaeto and threw it in the sump with a Kessil H160 on the grow setting. I managed to grow algae...in the skimmer...while the chaeto turned brown and whittled away to nothing. So here are my...
  5. WAR5150

    “I got worms”

    I walked by my tank a few minutes ago with my flashlight since the house and aquarium lights were off and I noticed a little worm on the bottom. Well, I thought I saw one before so I looked and noticed quite a few of them moving around. I managed to catch one to try and get some PID on it. I...
  6. WAR5150

    Tips for extended absence from aquarium

    The inevitable (and undesired) time has come where I’ll be deploying and won’t be around my tank for a while, I’m looking at 3 1/2 months so it’s not too bad as far as deployments go, but not great as far as watching the aquarium goes. I have a couple people from work that will be coming by...
  7. WAR5150

    Here's a new one, is this a "hitchhiker"?

    I was sitting on my computer when I heard the aquarium start making a weird sound behind me. Assuming it was a snail near the return nozzle, I didn't think much of it but turned around to see anyways. Glad I did, because this is what I saw: my lone BTA cruising around on the shell of a...
  8. WAR5150

    Refugium Light Recommendation

    I want to try starting up a refugium in my RSR 350. Does anybody have lights that they like for that size sump? I’m not running anything extra than the space already dedicated. I haven’t gotten as much research done on the specific lights yet as I’d like to, but figure I could get started with...
  9. WAR5150

    My Small Drop of the Ocean - RSR350

    Well I think it is about time I started a tank journal. I’ll admit I don’t really know what to say in this but what the heck? Disclaimer now: Sorry about poor picture qualities, I use my phone and am still learning how to get good pictures although they have improved. I grew up hearing stories...
  10. WAR5150

    ID Help - Growth Near Mushroom

    Apologies if this isn’t the correct place to ask - I’ve had my green hairy mushroom for a bit now and noticed this brown growth the other week. I left it alone and it’s continue to grow into this plated formation. At first I was concerned that the mushroom may have been dying but the rest of it...
  11. WAR5150

    Opinions on a 55 gal tank upgrade

    Hey everyone, My dad has a well established 55 gallon in his office. This is a simple tank, just the aquarium on a random aquarium stand, hang on the back filtration, etc. He has had this running the last several years and is looking a retiring and when he does that, he wants to move the...
  12. WAR5150

    First casualty and it was due to equipment failure, although that same equipment prevented a complete massacre

    As I've said before, I am active duty military pilot and with that comes a unique set of circumstances that is not conducive to a reef tank, i.e. being gone a lot. I know I am not the only one who travels for work, but it is just something we deal with. I've wanted an aquarium for years and got...
  13. WAR5150

    New Red Sea Reefer 350 Questions

    I had my 350 delivered yesterday and noticed that when the tank is aligned on the stand, the front and back panels both overhang the stand rather than rest on a surface. This kind of makes me uneasy, but is it a normal thing? I took a couple pictures to show what I mean. Here it is
  14. WAR5150

    Hello! I'm excited to be here

    The title pretty much says it all! I am brand new to the area (thanks to the Air Force) and I've been wanting to get started in the hobby for years. I grew up with my dad occasionally talking about his 55 gallon he used to have but it was never set up again until after I left for college. I am...