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    Knocked the silicone

    Thoughts on the below picture? I was switching glass panes and the glass scrapper caught it and ripped a little off. What are the chances of that springing a leak?
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    I think this is a coral

    It kinda looks like a baby BTA. It has a nem like foot and two translucent/hint of orange tentacles, Any one have any ideas?
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    The Tang Hideout

    So the new tank is coming along nicely. It won’t be ready for any sps frags for a few more months, but the LPS and nems are doing great. All the fish made it through QT just fine and are looking magnificent. At the time of this post they will have been in the tank for about two weeks. I think...
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    Auto Water change res appears to have fully precipitated out

    Any one ever seen their fresh salt water look like this after 9 days? Looks almost like spider webs. The container was freshly cleaned 9 days ago.
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    Anyone in the club have success growing out a JF homewrecker? Toying with the idea of purchasing one, but would love to hear people’s experience first.
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    What does the industry need?

    What do you think can be done that would/should; A) Make your life easier? B) Make the hobby more accessible to a wider audience? C) Be made and your not sure why it hasn’t?
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    Deresa Clam and Bare bottom tanks

    Anyone have any experience keeping a deresa clam in bare bottom?
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    Suggestions for calcium reactor

    The price on this one has me wondering if it’s worth upgrading from 2 part. Would love to hear some people’s thoughts Specially interested in things that can idiot proof or make significantly easier. I have an apex as well, so redundancies there would be awesome.
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    Chromis Fry

    Hi all, A pair of chromis set up some eggs on my front glass and frag rack. I assume these potential fry are difficult to raise since I feel like I only see wild chromis for sale. Anyone have experience?
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    Fluconozole Experience with SPS

    Has anyone experienced PH issues or STN/RTN on their acros when using Flucon? Palmers blue Millie started RTN’ing this morning after dosing flucon last night. It was doing well up until I dosed.
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    Outbreak in QT with Blue Tang

    7 fish have been in qt for the new tank. At day 15 the blue tang broke out. The rest of the fish are fine and everyone is eating aggressively. Copper is measure with Hanna. I am using copper power at 2.5 ppm. The blue tang seems to be the only one impacted. Does anyone have experience...
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    Can’t find 1.25 inner diameter soft plumbing

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone had about 7ish feet of 1.25 inner diameter soft plumbing for sale? I’ve been to multiple Home Depot’s and can’t get my hands on it. The only results on Amazon’s won’t deliver until early June. Or advice on where to find it. LFS in Hayward didn’t have it either.
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    Anyone bought 30-40 gallons sumps from BRS

    I was curious how they deliver these. Would love to know if anyone has any experience.
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    The 125 garage tank: Name TBD

    Starting the build thread for my new 125 this weekend. Name is TBD.
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    Tidal Gardens WD frag that will hopefully be in the DBTC soon

    Feb 2021 March 31 2021 Today
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    Tanks Alk consumption has increased 30% over the last 15 days

    My tank is approaching a consumption rate of about 5 dkh a day. It got me thinking about alk swings in sps tanks. What are your alk numbers for a mixed/sps tank? How much is the intraday swing? What level do you keep alk? Size of system? Amount of sps? Alk consumption? Would really like to...
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    Foster City - 125 6ft set up. Looking for help moving

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well! I am looking for help moving a new 125g into my garage. I would be willing to pay $75 flat + $25 per hour of work. So I assume that would be $100 per person since it shouldn’t take more than an hour to move it into the car at the fish store, drive to my house...
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    SPS upgrade

    I am looking for the clubs opinion on how to upgrade an sps tank. The current tank has vermitde snails that I would like to avoid, but that makes using the current live rock difficult. What would you do?
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    Frag Rack fell into Elegence

    Frag rack full of sps fell into my elegence coral. The contact time was roughly 20 secs. Should I expect die off? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Camera Lens Rental

    Hi all, Recently just got a T1i Rebel Canon. I was curious if anyone had a 100mm f2.8 macro lens I could rent for a few hours before I purchase one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk