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  1. IOnceWasLegend

    Featured Growout Contest - Bubble Gum Monster Chalice

    For those who are interested - please indicate you want to join in the poll. This contest is a friendly competition to see whose tank and husbandry techniques can grow corals the fastest. The THREE people with the most growth (new eyes) at the end of the contest will win a prize. The Coral...
  2. IOnceWasLegend

    Josh and Tiffany's RSR 250

    Earlier this year, my wife and I were talking about upgrading our IM Nuvo 20 to a larger display tank. We thought we'd go for an IM Nuvo 40 or something similar...then @Jonathan Chia decided to break down his tank and I went, "Huh, that seems like a good idea." So now we have a Red Sea Reefer...
  3. IOnceWasLegend

    Using a Kessil A150 as a fuge light?

    Setting up my first refugium pretty soon and learning what I can about it. Would there be any issues with using a Kessil A150 as a refugium light, given there's one on hand?
  4. IOnceWasLegend

    Swapping out sump on RSR 250

    So I'll be putting a larger sump in on an RSR 250 and I'm curious whether anyone here has done that before. Specifically, I'm curious about how you converted from the metric to standard/your final setup. Thanks!
  5. IOnceWasLegend

    3" across chunk of red monti cap

    This thing has grown like crazy and I'm starting to need the space in my tank. Good beginner SPS frag, likes high light and flow. Located in SJ.
  6. IOnceWasLegend

    DBTC: Beach Bum montipora

    I just added Beach Bum montipora to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. Rules: Must have been a supporting active BAR member for 6 months (180 days).. At least two frags of equal or greater size must be offered before selling/trading/etc. Corollary to the above: if someone sells a...
  7. IOnceWasLegend

    Neptune Apex Classic issue - two different display units not displaying?

    So I'm trying to get an Apex Classic set up. Power bar and brain are fine/status lights are green. When I plug the display unit in, however, nothing happens (aside from the LCD getting half a shade darker). This happens whether I plug it into the aquabus on the brain or the EB8, regardless of...
  8. IOnceWasLegend

    Stocking ideas for a RSR 250?

    So after some consideration/redecoration ideas, we'll be upgrading to a Red Sea Reefer 250. I'm familiar with stocking options for sub-30 gallon tanks, as well as 4 foot+ tanks, but I'm now trying to research options that'd do well in a 36 x 21 x 20 footprint. Anybody have any suggestions...
  9. IOnceWasLegend

    Metric (expletive deleted) of coral

    We're helping break down a tank today that has a significant amount of coral. Looking for homes for a lot of this, preferably pickup today, in either SJ or SF. Edit: apologies to everyone. This took longer than expected and we did not have reception there. If you're interested in corals in SF...
  10. IOnceWasLegend

    Skimmer silencer making noise?

    Took my skimmer out today to clean it and I'm confused at the noise it's making: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nZTX8iDQYwmGMMwgWCloL1QfhDDvLwfK/view?usp=drivesdk Didnt make that noise before and doesn't make that noise when the intake cylinder is removed, or when I cover the intake with one...
  11. IOnceWasLegend

    Pump randomly losing efficiency?

    I've had this problem persist across two return pumps and it's making me tear my hair out trying to figure it out. At completely random intervals (ranging from a day or so to several weeks), my return pump (Varios S2) will lose efficiency and flood my sump. When this happens, water level in the...
  12. IOnceWasLegend

    Green button palys

    Have a bunch of green button palys that are taking over, so passing them on. Want a few polyps? They're yours. Want a big ass bunch? Also yours. Located in San Jose. Cheers! Bad picture with an actinic flashlight:
  13. IOnceWasLegend

    Reefing restaurant get together #1 - Sunday, July 25th, 2p

    So, since stuffs opening back up, I wanted to try and plan our first get together at a local reefer's restaurant. This one will be at @Danhsj 's Bowl of Pho in Sunnyvale. Let me know which date(s) would work for you in the poll and we'll set something up!
  14. IOnceWasLegend

    All for Reef powder in stock at BRS

    Just a heads up for everyone who uses it. @bfirecat ?
  15. IOnceWasLegend

    GHL KH Director vs KH Guardian

    I'm getting sick of dosing tanks by hand, so I'm starting to look into alkalinity automation. I think I've settled more or less on the KH Director or the KH Guardian, but trying to figure out the major differences between them. Cost-wise, I think the two are roughly equivalent for me since I...
  16. IOnceWasLegend

    Zoa ID request

    Got these at the frag swap and it's driving me crazy knowing the names of everything but this in my tank. Any ideas?
  17. IOnceWasLegend

    Reefer-owned restaurants in the bay?

    I know @Danhsj has Bowl of Pho in Sunnyvale, and of course @Tim Obert has the awesome Seven Stills, but I'm curious what other reefer-owned restaurants/establishments there are in the bay. Since stuff is slowly getting back to normal, wife and I are looking at new places to try out and visit...
  18. IOnceWasLegend

    Most efficient/cheapest way of purchasing frag tiles?

    I've been purchasing frag tiles as-needed for a while by getting individual bags from Neptune, BRS, or Amazon. Anybody have a rec for a more efficient/bulk purchase option they'd recommend?
  19. IOnceWasLegend

    Potential Event: Member Recognition Awards

    So we’re always trying to think up new ways to promote (and reward) community engagement. With that in mind, I wanted to ask everyone for thoughts, feedback, and suggestions for an annual Member Recognition Awards event. I’m thinking that, once per year, we’d have several nomination categories...
  20. IOnceWasLegend

    DBTC - Branching gold (rainbow?) hammer

    @Srt4eric and I split the purchase of this colony a few months ago and have been coparenting it ever since. In addition to a couple heads at the swap, we're putting two heads into DBTC. Rules: Must have been a supporting active BAR member for 6 months (180 days) At least two frags of equal or...