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  1. jimsar

    FREE - 180 gallon tank, stand, hood, equipment

    Hi, now I remember your Handle, Thales. Best regards to you all.
  2. jimsar

    FREE - 180 gallon tank, stand, hood, equipment

    Alive and well, thank you, Arnold. Who else is still around from circa 2005? Is Rich(?) - the CAS biologist, still active? He hooked me up to donate the big leather corals from my tank, and I was able to get a behind the scene tour when I delivered to San Francisco. Speaking of banggai...
  3. jimsar

    FREE - 180 gallon tank, stand, hood, equipment

    Thank you, all. All spoken for. Pickup scheduled for this weekend.
  4. jimsar

    FREE - 180 gallon tank, stand, hood, equipment

    Hello, all. I've left the hobby and would like to give away my tank and equipment which have been left dry for many, many years. - 180 gallon tank, sump and refugium - Stand with hood, including lights - Misc equipment, hopefully salvageable: calcium reactor, protein skimmer, osmolator, etc...
  5. jimsar

    Got Pictures? Please help me complete a Wikipedia page

    Do you have this yet? Photo taken in 2005, my tank. Trimma caudomaculatum Feel free to save the image, or if you want a jpg file emailed, to you, just let me know. Email is preferred, as I am an infrequent...
  6. jimsar

    Banggai Breeding

    Old pic from when I had bucket loads of rotis for clowns and soda bottle brine shrimp to feed hungry banggers. This thread is a flashback for me.
  7. jimsar

    Good time to buy a house??

    Congrats, Phong, and welcome to the Home Depot, Lowes and Harbor Freight Tools. You'll be a frequent visitor, guaranteed. It's been a year since I've gone "tankless". so there's life after reefing. Been enjoying watching the electric meter spin backwards, don't feel the urgency yet to...
  8. jimsar

    Good time to buy a house??

    Andy, ZIP code is 94591. The size of the previous loan reflects inflated prices going back maybe 3 years or so. My Mexican handyman rents a room in a house down the street from this one. He said the owner paid >$400,000 a few yeas ago, spent $10k upgrading the pool area and making an...
  9. jimsar

    Good time to buy a house??

    Kinda late response, but I've been "away" for awhile. It's a great time to buy from an investor's perspective. Here are some numbers from a recent acquisition: 3 Bedroom 1 bath, 1032 sq ft. "Move-in" condition, (not bad for bank-owned) nicely landscaped backyard. Foreclosure. Last...
  10. jimsar

    Bailout package is good for solar

    Looks like there's a silver lining in the $700 Billion bailout package that was signed into law today by Pres. Bush. One of the tag-alongs (ear marks?) addresses the tax credit for solar, extending it for another 8 years. Significantly, "it eliminates the $2,000 monetary cap for residential...
  11. jimsar

    anybody need a new TV?>

    Australian? (Newton-John) -Jim Axe me how many houses I own.
  12. jimsar

    OT: Time to say goodbye.

    We had a member here, AKACable, who is an ER nurse at Eden Medical trauma center. Working weekend graves, you can imagine the carnage he sees. He told me he lost it one night when a rider his age was brought in, and they couldn't save him. He had pictures of his kids in his wallet. BTW...
  13. jimsar

    My new neighbors

    Swallow was our national bird during Pres. Clinton's administration.
  14. jimsar

    PV to EV

    I've seen many a reef setups north of 15k. This project was never intended to be a money saver. Combination of motivations: concern for the environment, putting the solar production to work (other than feeding the tanks), hedging against gas price increases (it was ~$2 a gallon when I...
  15. jimsar

    PV to EV

    Well, the cost of my conversion can be split three ways: 1) "donor car" cost 2) classic car restoration 3) Internal combustion engine (ICE) to Electric vehicle (EV) switcharoo. 1) I paid a bit more money for mine because the previous owner has already sunk a few thousand dollars into the car...
  16. jimsar

    PV to EV

    I was busy from 6:30 to 10:30 this morning helping the Indian economy through the Vista Full Employment Act, chatting with Microsoft Tech Support for SP1 which blew up on me. When my PC finally became operable, I picked up an email from joecos, ex-BAR member, asking if I moved to Sacto. He...
  17. jimsar

    New Element Discovered!

    Press release picked up from CalBearInsider Forum: Date: Thursday, July 17, 2008, 10:22 PM Recent gasoline prices and other issues are proof of the existence of a new chemical element. Research has led to the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element...
  18. jimsar

    Mystery of Lost Socks Revealed ....

    You're an accessory to money laundering, Gresh.
  19. jimsar

    Keep Veggies Longer, Fresher

    Many moons ago, I won a bag of rotifers, donated by Randy Reed. The "breathing" plastic bag packaging intrigued me. Imagine, a water tight bag that lets CO2 out, and O2 in! Then one day I had a eureka moment: I bet veggies will stay fresh longer if stored in the fridge using these bags. So...
  20. jimsar

    Electrical cost of running a reef tank in SF

    No, I still have gas water heater and dryer. Something to consider when the time comes to replace them. I have a new 2-stage furnace which is relatively efficient (I forgot the rating.) What else do you think account for higher electrical consumption in the winter? Longer light usage...