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  1. Danhsj

    Free Rose bubble tip anemone pending

    Small rose bubble tip anemone, pickup Sunnyvale 94087.
  2. Danhsj

    Waterbox 20 CSB

    Waterbox 20 gal Colorado Sunburst anemone dedicated tank. Lighting: Kessil 360we tuna blue No skimmer Sicca 1,500 return pump, will return and use the stock pump because it’s making too much noise, due to big size and not enough room in return pump area. Rocks from established tank thanks...
  3. Danhsj

    DBTC: BoP Phodactis Bounce Mushroom

    I just added BoP Phodactis Bounce Mushroom to DBTC. There are 1 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  4. Danhsj

    BoP Phodactis Bounce Mushroom

    Bowl of Pho Phodactis bounce Mushroom. standard dbtc rules, @jhuynh’s rules for this DBTC. Must have been a supporting active BAR member for 6 months (180 days) At least two frags of equal or greater size must be offered before doing what you wish with everything after that Corollary to the...
  5. Danhsj

    DBTC: Bubblegum Digitas

    I just added Bubblegum Digitas to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  6. Danhsj

    Free long spine urchin

    Pickup Sunnyvale 94087 at bowl of pho
  7. Danhsj

    Free green anacropora (taken)

    Pickup Sunnyvale 94087 Only one frag
  8. Danhsj

    DBTC- Orange Yuma

    Baby Yuma, Only rule is to put another baby into dbtc before selling and save me a baby when my mother Yuma die.
  9. Danhsj

    DVTC- Green Goblin Anacropora

    1 frag of green globin anacropora, only rule is to let me have a frag when my colony dies and don’t sell until you put a piece into dbtc. Pickup Sunnyvale 94087.
  10. Danhsj

    Hello from Sunnyvale

    I have a Red Sea Reefer 250, at my restaurant Bowl of Pho, in Sunnyvale. transferred my 36 gal bow front into a Red Sea Reefer250 with the old live rock and new live rock into the sump and display. Overall 75 gallon of water, display and sump. My lights are g3 xr30 pro and g5 xr30 pro, both with...
  11. Danhsj

    Danhsj’s RSR250 tank

    Red Sea Reefer 250 At restaurant called Bowl of Pho at Sunnyvale 94087 May 31,2021 Transfer 36 gal bow front into Red Sea Reefer from acro.jordan. First day of transfer corals show some signs of stress. Less polyp extension but no rtn. Fish enjoy new tank. Only the shy fox face hide all day...