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    Free ulva

    have a bunch, free for anyone that wants
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    Vortech and water clarity question

    For those that run Vortechs or any other wave maker with a controller such as Apex, do you allow the Apex to shut off the wave makers to feed or do you use the feed mode that is built into the wave makers? I ask because I have heard that constantly having hard shut downs may pose issues. In...
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    Have almost half a bucket full. Pick up Sunday by end of day or it’s going in trash
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    For those that dose Alk

    For those of you that dose alkalinity, which product do you use? I've been using BRS' soda ash but am a bit concerned about precipitation. Do others here use sodium bicarbonate instead? Right now I dose into the return section of my sump; when I dose Alk, I do notice that a bit of it settles at...
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    DBTC: RR Pink Cadillac

    I just added RR Pink Cadillac to DBTC. There are 1 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
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    DBTC: Pink mohawk zoa

    I just added Pink mohawk zoa to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
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    DBTC: Belladonna zoa

    I just added Belladonna zoa to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
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    DBTC: Sunkist bounce

    I just added Sunkist bounce to DBTC. There are 1 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
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    Has anyone fed their tangs this seaweed?

    Saw this at the grocery store when I was picking up nori. Anyone try this seaweed? It’s not flattened and thin like nori, rather it’s a large bag and the seaweed looks to be roasted but it’s clumped together.
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    Name of this bubble tip

    I just got this bubble tip from my buddy. It was sold to him as a plain rbta but since it’s been in his system, it’s been coloring up quite a bit. does anyone know what color morph it is? It has a green center with reddish purple tips.
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    May need to restart tank; how big of a holding tank/QT is needed?

    So right now I have a 150g that is stocked with: 1 achilles tang 1 purple tang 2 clownfish 2 leopard wrasse 3 lyretail anthias 2 dispar anthias 1 bicolor blenny 1 starry blenny 1 royal gramma 2 gobies My acros are being attacked by black bugs and it appears that interceptor is not working. I've...
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    Anyone here ever deal with black bugs?

    Since dealing with montipora eating nudis last year, I've been dipping my corals in revive but yet somehow ended up getting black bugs in my display. If you don't know what they are, here is a good thread on them...
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    Help with booster pump

    I have finally been able to set up a water change station and would like to automate the process. The booster pump I bought a long time ago came with what I believe is a pressure switch and a solenoid valve. In the BRS video on how to set up a booster pump, they only use a pressure switch...
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    Brownish red mantis shrimp

    Have a 2 inch mantis shrimp that I caught in my rock work. Free to a good home.
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    Reefers with tanks 120g+, any regrets?

    I currently have an 80g tank (48x24x16) and am thinking of upgrading to a 120g (48x24x24) and wanted to get people's thoughts. Right now the lack of height is a bit of a limiting factor as my sps grow, they will start getting in the path of my wave makers. So for the folks here that upgraded...
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    red mithrax crab

    i have 2 red mithrax crabs available and possibly more. Free to anyone with a large tank or willing to feed them. Not to be used as food
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    krak256's 80g build

    As some of you may know, I recently moved to the Bay Area from NY. I attempted to move the livestock from my 40g over, which didn't turn out so well. Below is a picture of my old 40g, which was pretty full: Before my move, I bought an 80g Deep Blue tank as I loved the dimensions (4ft and wide)...
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    Learn from me; DO NOT ship your livestock

    Hi everyone, I recently moved to the Bay area from NYC and wanted to keep my livestock as I was attached to them (raising clownfish from a centimeter and growing colonies from tiny frags). If anyone in the future is considering taking your livestock on a long distance move, learn from my...
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    Borrowing a skimmer

    I recently moved here and am in the process of setting up my new tank while my old tank continues to run in NY. Given my prior skimmer is rated for my new tank size, I wanted to reuse it. But in order to get my new tank up and ready for my livestock to arrive, I would like to borrow a skimmer...
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    New to BAR, moving from NY

    Hey everyone, I just joined BAR as I am moving from NY. Has anyone made the move cross country with their tank? If so, how did they go about it? I'm thinking about buying a new tank and having my livestock shipped. Actually in regards to that, do new members need a specific number of posts...