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  1. J

    Rabbit fish are weird

    Not new news for anyone who has kept one, but I had a curious experience with mine yesterday. He's a new introduction to the tank as of last weekend, but he's competing for food successfully and the aggression from the naso has nearly stopped. I walked over to my tank yesterday and found him...
  2. J

    Grinding out a corner chip from a tank

    Up front reminder. Wear PPE. At a minimum this includes safety glasses, although glass dust isn't something you want in your lungs either. Unfortunately my 18" AIO cube tank was not well packed in the move here earlier this year. Two corners are chipped at the top, and there is a chunk...
  3. J

    What SG to Calibrate Refractometers to

    This came up in another thread, so I figured I would write this up. What we want when taking measurements is something that is both sufficiently accurate and sufficiently precise for our needs. I'm not going to go into accuracy vs. precision right now, but let's assume that our refractometers...
  4. J

    Free: wire wrap

    Spare from a car project several years ago. This is 1/2" so you aren't going to fit a bunch of power cords in it, but it can be a nice way to hide dosing lines or sensor cords. I prefer different wire wrap now, and won't use it. Free, pick up only near Twin Peaks in SF.
  5. J

    Getting snails out of drains.

    My current (still telling myself it's temporary) reef has an overflow gap small enough that the bulldozers turbo snails can't get anywhere near the drain. However, I'm in desperate need of some snails and they weren't available so I added a few trochus snails. Of course one crawled down the...
  6. J

    The long term short term - 170

    The title comes from the intersection of plans and reality with this tank. When I set it up the plan was to only be in this apartment for a few months and to provide a stable home for my livestock while I moved my larger tank across the country. Fast forward 9 months and I'm still in the same...
  7. J

    GFCI Reminder (and current monitors, and redundancy)

    I'm still here in SF with my fish in DFW, TX. Yesterday my wife was kind enough to notice the 50 gallon that I use as an ATO had run low. Our internet was out, so I hadn't gotten a notification. She refilled, and apparently spilled some water. An hour later the puddle had migrated to the...
  8. J

    Free chaeto near Dogpatch

    I've only had it for a month now and it's already trying to take over the sump (in a good way). As long as it's only a person or two per week I'll probably have surplus for the foreseeable future.
  9. J

    Moving in from Texas

    Short test post as I'm getting a spam error on my full post.