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  1. Klems

    Look at these rock flower anemones...

    These babies are growing up fast... If you want to more details, please see the link below:
  2. Klems

    Rock Flower Anemones

    Have been growing out these babies and they are almost big enough to sell..let me know if you are interested so I can reach out to you. Ken
  3. Klems

    2 big bags of Cheato...South San Jose

    Just did some trimming and have 2 large bags for free...PM for pickup address. Will hold til tomorrow.. Ken
  4. Klems

    New arrivals...

    Had the two Rafa's in my small frag system have a spawning event about 25 day ago, and now we have about 25-30 babies! Bought some small pvc end caps to try to corral them in...but I need to get some more as they are crowded and are moving about the tank...even some in the overflow.
  5. Klems

    Yellow Tang help...

    I've had this guy for almost two years and about a week ago after a water change it appeared to have a red tinge to it's yellow skin. Since then the red coloration has subsided, but now it is swimming around with its mouth always open...I continue to feed both frozen, reef flakes, green flakes...
  6. Klems

    Acan enchinata growth question

    My orange enchinata is almost fully covering the rock I attached the frag plug to when I got it. My question is, will it continue to grow over the sandbed, or should I add another piece of rock to the base so it has a solid structure to attach to? TIA Ken
  7. Klems

    Super glue question

    Had a minor structure collapse and am out of my coral glue...what kind should I use from Home Depot...or is it all the same? Loctite, gorilla glue, rapid fuse from Dap?
  8. Klems

    RODI newbie question

    Just got one if the BRS 7 stage systems they had on sale during their black friday sale...tried it out (only the sediment,carbon and RO portion) using the garden hose and got 6tds out of product line...before it enters the DI stages. Is that good, or should it be lower? I do not have a water...
  9. Klems

    New RODI setup, please review and comment

    I picked up one of the BRS 7 stage RODI units during BF sale and wanted to run my setup idea past the community to see if I have everything mapped out properly or if changes need to be made. Here is a rough sketch of what I am planning... TIA Ken
  10. Klems

    Wrasse eating flatworms...need guidance

    Have some flatworms in the tank and don't want to jump into flatworms x just yet, looking for more natural ways to eliminate or reduce population. What wrasse could I use that would be OK in a 50g cube reef tank? Thanks Ken
  11. Klems

    12 days of Reef-mas...

    I have been listening to Xmas music in the car with the kids the last week or two and was thinking of re-writing the above song with an aquatic theme....but need some help. Here's what I've come up with so far: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... A clownfish, in an...
  12. Klems

    BRS Black Friday sales have begun!!!

    Most items are 15% off...
  13. Klems

    Bubble tip splitting, with the help of the clowns

    Caught this action last night...
  14. Klems

    Yellow Tang question...

    Are these guys ALWAYS hungry? Just picked up a small one from Neptune's and he is eating like a pig...I have had to increase the amount of cubes I defrost from 1 to 2 and he is following around the baster and taking food from the corals even after I have fed the fish pretty heavily.
  15. Klems

    Frogspawn brown jelly question...

    One of the heads on my frogspawn has succumb to brown jelly disease. My question is can I leave the dead head on the coral or do I need to cut it off as it will contaminate the other heads?
  16. Klems

    Rock Flower anemone spawning....

    Video #1- Video #2- Video #3- Looks like we might have some more rock flower babies soon...
  17. Klems

    Need help identifying / fighting this algae....

    Hi all, I have been battling this green algae for the past 2-3 weeks. It looks to be green hair algae, but is able to be blown off the rocks and sandbed. I have re-installed the filter sock and change it out every other day. Could it be cyano? All of the parameters "look" ok. But I know...
  18. Klems

    Flame angel help ASAP

    Have had this guy for over nine months....didn't come out to eat this morning and found him with some white expanded eye? What could this be, how can I fix it? Moved it to my small tank with a few corals and inverts.
  19. Klems

    Starfish??? ID...

    I have these very skinny legged starfish? In one of my tanks....are they OK to keep or should I remove them ASAP? Legs are skinny like thin pieces of thread.. TIA Ken
  20. Klems

    Coral Farmers Market....need help

    I will be out of town this weekend and as a result will miss the CFM. Is there anyone in the South Bay that is going that might be able to pickup a few bottles of pods and phyto from the Reef Nutrition booth if they are handing them out for free again?