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  1. fishy408

    Anyone use Seachem Cupramine?

    I have a 20g hospital tank, according to directions it should receive about 75-80 drops to reach therapeutic level of .50. Currently I am on drop 60, but the colors seem to have passed the .50 mark. Should I trust my eyes or the dosage instructions?
  2. fishy408

    Dipping Torches

    Been learning more about dipping, before I would just dip Corals in Coral RX and done. Seems with Torches there are different methods. Some of these methods for Torches include Bayer, Iodine, and CoralRX. How do you dip your torches? with what product, when, and how often while it is in...
  3. fishy408

    Pods + Chaeto

    Got these today on an order with invertebrates. Vermetid snails were found on a few snails, this alone makes me not want to add chaeto/pods to my tank. Free to supporting members that dont care about vermetids. Most likely will toss them out by tonight.
  4. fishy408

    ID please

    ID please, the brown spots.
  5. fishy408

    clean up crew for 90 g tank?

    Looking to add to my clean up crew. currently i have 6 hermit crabs, 4 trochus snails, 2 mexican turbo snails. Anything I maybe missing or any good additions? thanks!
  6. fishy408

    Clown fish sick or behavior?

    Received this clown as a part of a tank break down. He hangs out on the sand bed once in awhile but usually is out swimming. He does seem pretty skinny for eating a lot (brine shrimp+ pellet+selcon). This behavior has been going on as long as I can remember which is a couple of weeks.
  7. fishy408

    Aquatic Life 48" Freshwater (no longer available)

    About 5 years old, used for about 1 year. Free to supporting member. Aquatic Life 48" Freshwater LED. Purchased from marinedepot. Pickup in Milpitas.
  8. fishy408

    ich or velvet?

  9. fishy408

    Red Sea Calcium and Seachem Kalk

    Rde Sea A calcium is half full/ seachem Kalk is almost full. pick up in milpitas.
  10. fishy408

    mixing damselfish (Chrysiptera Parasema)

    Thinking about having 2 or 3 of each species of Damselfish. Talbot's damselfish Azure damselfish lemon damselfish What do you guys think?
  11. fishy408

    Irrigation plumbing

    Since I plumbed my fish tank, somehow the wife thinks the skillset is transferrable to the garden. I want to connect two zones together since they are both drip irrigation without any sprinkler head. This would free up one valve for something else. My plan is to cut on the red X and connect...
  12. fishy408

    Scavenger Fish

    Hey Guys, Looking for a recommendation for a scavenger fish with the following attributes: Won't eat clean up crew I plan for the future Peaceful and reef safe Hardy Currently I have: 2 clownfish 4 blue reef chromis thanks!
  13. fishy408

    Reef Octopus Controller

    Hey guys, I have both varios 6 and varios 2 pumps. recently the varios 6 controller speed LED stop lighting up but still functions. I swapped out the Varios 6 controller with the Varios 2, seems to work but wondering if there could be any bad effects. ignore please: notice the 24v to 36v...
  14. fishy408

    Help me decide on Coral Selection

    I would like to spend at the most 4hrs a week or 20hrs a month on my reef tank. What corals can I care for realistically?
  15. fishy408

    Ecotech Battery Backup

    During the cycle, am getting a bit more time staring at an empty fish tank. On the positive I get to take a closer look at all the equipment. Today when I was cleaning my MP40s', I noticed a warm rubber smell. It didn't smell burnt or anything like that but just a slight smell of rubber which...
  16. fishy408

    Quarantine/Frag Tank

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking about this but not sure if it is realistic. I would like to have a 10-15 gallon quarantine tank for fish/corals. This would be the main purpose. I would also like to have it be a future frag tank/quarantine tank. The way it would work is: When new coral/fish needs to be...
  17. fishy408

    Mocha Storms

    Does anyone have these designer clownfish? I'm looking for pictures of them IRL vs images online. If you do, can you post a pic. Thanks!
  18. fishy408

    creekside return pump - harbor freight

    bought this earlier today for my salt mixing station. notice the surface had an oily film feel to it. has anyone used this and is oily feel normal for these types of pumps.
  19. fishy408

    when to replace heaters?

    i have a few heaters (finnex) that range between 2-4 years probably. They were working prior to tank shut down but not sure if they should be replaced or cleaned. If it can be cleaned whats a good method?
  20. fishy408

    Resin - does this look right?

    Hey guys, Replaced all my membranes, filters and resin. I noticed that water is coming from the side in the picture. It looks odd to me but never looked that closely.