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  1. ryanraff

    Sea hare

    Algae problems? Boy, do I have the solution for you! This Sea Hare is the best sea slug west of the Mississippi. Included are three modes: slow, extra slow, and extra extra slow. Runs at night for added convenience. Only obligation for those who participate in sharing this sea slug is that it...
  2. ryanraff

    DBTC: Unknown SPS

    Rules on this are pretty simple: I'd like to think this would eventually get passed around the club, but no obligation to do so. Do what you wish upon receiving a frag from the chain.
  3. ryanraff

    DBTC: Space Chalice

    Gauging interest on this massive piece. Looking to make about 6-8 frags depending on you guys.
  4. ryanraff

    Zoa Island

    I've got about a football sized live rock of various zoa's living on it, nothing too flattering but its a good size for those who value a healthy and thriving zoa population. Live rock, its what I used in the beginning of my tank from a well established tank to get things moving. Free to any of...
  5. ryanraff

    Emerald up for crabs

    Male emerald crab free to a good home. He did a number on my bubble algae and has gotten huge. Already out the tank and ready for pickup.
  6. ryanraff

    Odd white formation growing on chalice surface

    Since about 4 days ago this chalice and another one I recently got from @bee505 has formed this little white river looking, almost spider web resembling, flow along its surface. Otherwise, seems to be growing just fine and appears to have maybe even gotten better since this morning. I am just...
  7. ryanraff

    47G bowfront

    Seeing as my only benefit from keeping this aesthetically really nice looking bow front tank is to repurpose it into a quarantine tank I'd really like to offer this up to anyone looking to get into the game and needs an entire system. All one would really need to purchase is a light and heater...
  8. ryanraff

    Ryan's 70G Tank Journal

    I was told that this is a 60 gallon tank but, the math comes out closer to about 70 gallons. Big thanks to @SFCorals for getting me started with his old 47G bowfront, @Cheedo thank you for the two clowns they absolutely love their new life and @BleepBloopMunchMunch I can not thank you enough...