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    Hello. I did some trimming on my GSP on my back wall. have like 12in x 12 in size. Pick up in Fremont. I have it in my sump right now. THanks
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    Have to trim my cheato. If you need any, Pick up in fremont. Thanks
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    DBTC: Alien eye antivenom

    I just added Alien eye antivenom to DBTC. There are 5 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
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    What kind of zoa is this?

    Can someone tell what kind of zoa is this? I have some frag that I wanted to add to dbtc but don't know the name of this zoa. Thanks.
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    Cheato pick up in fremont

    Hello. I did some trimming on my Cheato. Pick up in fremont. 1 gallon size bucket. Thanks
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    Hello. Since this site have help me many time, this time I finally have something to give back. I got 2 10 dollars off code for BRS to use before end of dec 31. Since I dont have anything else to buy, I'll give these aways to those who are planning to buy stuff from BRS. Thanks
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    Hello. I recently got a Cadlight aquarium and one of the bulkhead broke. I am trying to order a replacement but the website is back order until october. I was wondering if anyone know where you can buy a bulkhead. Size is very small. According the Cadlight system, it is a 3/4 in pipe but the...
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    Red sea reefer 350/upgraded to 125

    Hello Upgraded to cadlight 125 see post #33 My name is Yuk Sum A little back story on me. I have always enjoy fish keeping ever since I was a little kid. I started with a 10 gallon fancy goldfish tank knowing little about the size that a goldfish needed. As I grow up, I feel in love with...
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    Hello Everybody

    Hello there I been on this forum for a while and i think i should finally introduce myself. I have always been a freshwater type of guy. Started with a 30 gallons freshwater goldfish. I then move on to the freshwater planted tank. with the whole rimless and ada tanks. I thought to myself that...