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  1. Wilyumz1


    I have dozens of baby trochus and nassarius snails if anyone wants any
  2. Wilyumz1


    My purple favia has a red spot around the base is this a) new growth that hasn’t colored up yet, b) discoloration from to little lighting? Water parameters 1.025 79 degrees Ph 8.6 Alk 8.4 Ca 475 Mag 1320 Ammonia is and nitrite 0 Nitrates .9 Pho’s .03
  3. Wilyumz1

    DBTC: Xenia

    I just added Xenia to DBTC. Request a frag to be notified when they are available. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  4. Wilyumz1

    10 lbs live sand , free to any who can use it

    10lbs Samoa pink Natires ocean Bioactive live aragonite sand, free to anyone who can use it, I’m in Pinole area
  5. Wilyumz1

    Rons 100G tank journal

    First I want to thank Susan for the great deal on the tank that started this all! The tank is only days away from water and beginning a cycle, Details on the journey to date. 100G tank from Susan Ingram, I went to work and designed and fabricated a 2X2 square steel tube stand and skinned it...
  6. Wilyumz1

    100G Tank Plan

    Planning a new reef tank after being out of the hobby for years, I have been reeducating myself on all the advances in lighting and water movement since i did my last tank, all I can say is WOW, what a difference between the high end lighting, and water movement technology of 15-20...
  7. Wilyumz1

    Hello, back to the reef, DSB

    After several moves and years since my last reef, I’m beginning to gather things for a reef once again, planning a 100 gal DSB. I’m at the ok first I need something for water to go in, that I can see into and doesn’t water my hardwood floors stage. Found a tank and stand Anyone with DSB in...