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  1. NickRoseSN1985

    DBTC: Forest Fire Digi

    I just added Forest Fire Digi to DBTC. Request a frag to be notified when they are available. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  2. NickRoseSN1985

    DBTC: Indo Pink Tip Frogspawn

    I just added Indo Pink Tip Frogspawn to DBTC. Request a frag to be notified when they are available. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  3. NickRoseSN1985


    I’m ready for Halloween. How about you? This little guy decided to help me do yard work at a clients house.
  4. NickRoseSN1985

    Dosing Red Sea Ab+

    Just curious with people that have been dosing Red Sea Ab+ how much are you dosing? Are you dosing the recommended dosage, dosing everyday/everyother day/once a week? I have been dosing 14ml to the 90 gallon and 9ml to the 60 gallon everyday since April. Nutrients have been stable. My Salifert...
  5. NickRoseSN1985

    AI Vega Power Supply Dead

    I just got home and noticed one of the AI Vegas over the garage tank is off. Looked over everything and noticed the power supply was slightly melted. What would cause this? I believe this was a power supply I bought on Amazon in 2018. I’ll have to see if anyone in Buy/Sale/Trade forum has a...
  6. NickRoseSN1985

    Looking for Aquavitro Salinity

    Like the title says I'm looking for Aquavitro Salinity Salt 225 gallon bucket. Normally I get it from Ultimate Aquarium but the guy that they normally get it from isn't carrying it anymore. They said normally when companies hike up the price too much the supplier will some times stop buying it...
  7. NickRoseSN1985

    DBTC: War Coral

    I just added War Coral to DBTC. There are 3 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  8. NickRoseSN1985

    Salinity has been OFF???

    So today I decided to get new calibration fluid for my refractometer which I use to compare to my Hanna Salinity. Well something is wrong. The refractometer is showing 40ppt but the Hanna Salinity is showing 35.6ppt. I calibrated the Hanna three times and its showing that its calibrated(I float...
  9. NickRoseSN1985

    Sea Cucumber Butt

    Interesting info on the Sea Cumcumbers Butt.
  10. NickRoseSN1985

    Do you even lift bro

    How do your reef inhabitants keep in shape? Wish I could get a better video but only seen her do this after lights out.
  11. NickRoseSN1985

    Egg ID???

    Any idea who these eggs belong to? I decided to put the second blade onto my Icecap 1k gyres and I took this end cap off and found these eggs. If you zoom in you can see individual white dots. I doubt it’s fish because the cap has 3 tiny holes. The other creatures I have are bumblebee snails, 2...
  12. NickRoseSN1985

    Damaged Torch Coral

    I was just at Ultimate Aquarium buying some bumblebee snails and noticed a damaged coral. I asked about and it’s a ORA torch coral and the owner says it’s normally $120 but he would give it to me for $50. Should I do it? I’m up for a challenge. I already have a torch coral and it has a second...
  13. NickRoseSN1985

    Green Slimer Tip issue

    On Sunday October 4th I noticed one of the tips on my green Slimer was looking odd. It’s purple and the tissue seems to be wrinkled. There was a Xenia next to it that I removed thinking this might be the issue. But today I noticed some more tips doing the same thing but on the opposite side of...
  14. NickRoseSN1985


    Is this a corynactis or corallimorphus or something else? I have a few in the main Tank and sump and I think I have some in the garage tank.
  15. NickRoseSN1985

    Electrical Help

    I’m wanting to put my garage tank on it’s own circuit. I’ll install the outlets and the wire but I’ll have a electrician connect it to the breaker. Should the boxes and outlets be weather resistant or is it ok to use the regular stuff. I was thinking of using these for the box and cover...
  16. NickRoseSN1985

    Digital Aquatics RKM-SL1

    My Digital Aquatic’s controller started not working and I believe it’s the RKM-SL1 module. I opened it up and saw that the Bus 1 pins are falling apart. Does anyone know where I can find a spare one or possibly could I replace the connector?
  17. NickRoseSN1985

    Rose’s 50 & 90g Tanks

    I’ve been around reef tanks my whole life. My dad began the hobby in the 80s/90s. Went through different sizes of tanks. I was into the tanks but didn’t really get hooked until sadly my dad got cancer in 2017. That’s when I took over maintenance of the tanks for him. He lost his battle in July...
  18. NickRoseSN1985

    Nyos 160 Skimmer Part

    Does anyone know of a place that sales parts for Nyos Skimmers 160? The shaft for the wheel broke. The only thing I can find is in Europe and shipping cost would be $60. Does Neptune Aquatic carry parts? Anyone in the Peninsula have a skimmer I can borrow.
  19. NickRoseSN1985

    Bumblebee Snails in San Mateo

    If anyone is in need of Bumblebee snails Ultimate Aquarium in San Mateo has them for sale(3/8.99). A lot of people were requesting them so they finally ordered them. Also the front of the store is under construction to meet ADA requirements. So you enter from the back.
  20. NickRoseSN1985

    Peanut Worm???

    Looking through the tank today and noticed what I think is a Peanut Worm. Had no idea this was in the tank and have no idea how it got there. This is my late fathers 90gallon tank that has been up since 2012.