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  1. splitting_lanes

    Xavier’s Yellow Zoas

    They are doing great!
  2. splitting_lanes

    Skimmer silencer making noise?

    Magic water.
  3. splitting_lanes

    Skimmer silencer making noise?

    I’m confused too. Maybe the manufacturer will know? Or someone else on here…
  4. splitting_lanes

    Reefing restaurant get together #1 - Sunday, July 25th, 2p

    Im in. Not for the giant bowl, but for the group eating pho. :p
  5. splitting_lanes

    Potential Event: Member Recognition Awards

    Voting? There’s a few on here that would gather a bunch of votes
  6. splitting_lanes

    Potential Event: Member Recognition Awards

    Most instrumental in bringing new people to the club award.
  7. splitting_lanes

    Marine Depot is having a liquidation sale

    Dam, got sucked in to buying when I saw @H2OPlayar post the Welcome10 code. I should have read thr the thread further for a $5 coupon, the code didn’t work for me but I got a great price on gfo and kalk anyways!
  8. splitting_lanes

    How hot did your tanks get today?

    I bet the concrete is holding some heat
  9. splitting_lanes

    Neon Green Star Polyp coral

    Time to trim the GSP. Message me if you want some. Pickup in west San Jose.
  10. splitting_lanes

    How hot did your tanks get today?

    I didn’t even check, my set point is 77, so it might’ve hit 78, as the house was only at elevated temps (higher than the tank set point) for 3-4 hours in the evening
  11. splitting_lanes

    Hello from Sunnyvale

    Sounds Great! Pho while watching the reef, not far away.
  12. splitting_lanes

    Check out this build I am working on...

    Great to follow these builds, it’s affordable to Watch. :Do_O
  13. splitting_lanes

    Reef2reef sucks and discriminates

    I no longer visit that site. My tank journal has been moved. This forum and humble fish are where it’s at.
  14. splitting_lanes

    Who wants to go in on buying 360 Coralz?

    Wow, selling it for only $1.
  15. splitting_lanes

    Alkalinity Auto Doser + Container

    How little can you dose with this pump? Can you dose 1ml/day?
  16. splitting_lanes

    DBTC: Walt Disney Tenuis

    Here’s the frag I picked up yesterday
  17. splitting_lanes


    I’ve got plenty in the South Bay
  18. splitting_lanes

    Green Star Polyps coral

    Time for trimming back my GSP. It’s a real pretty neon green. Im in the South Bay
  19. splitting_lanes

    DBTC: WWC Heartbreaker

    I’m planning to go up on a weekend, scheduling it.
  20. splitting_lanes

    June 26, 2021 - Member's Frag Swap

    I committed to cook at a BBQ in the South Bay on that day, so I need to see if the timing will work for me.