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  1. dochou

    Featured Jan 8 New Year’s Celebration with ReefBeef (with time/location update)

    do we need to RSVP and is there a limit to the number of people the venue can hold?
  2. dochou

    What’s wrong

    Sorry for your loss. When asking what happened, it would benefit you to give more information so that people can give you informed opinons.
  3. dochou

    Apex Classic with EB8 and temp probe

    Love the generosity too! (I'm not asking to be in the lottery)
  4. dochou

    PIF: Green Star Polyps, massive

    It gets dissed because it's invassive. Once they take hold, they will overun corals you like better.
  5. dochou

    First Post!

    Sorry to hear about the crash and loss of Milk and Cookie. Did the 2nd water change come from the same batch of water as the first? ie did you buy the water the at the same time? If so did all the water come from the same container at the LFS? Did you check the water parameters? Could the...
  6. dochou

    Coming back after a long pause!

    Good to see you back.
  7. dochou

    Patio's IM 75 EXT

    I like your aquascape! Excuse my ignorance, but why is the slime a good thing? What is it? I thought the beneficial bacteria just coat the rocks but are not visable.
  8. dochou

    Dosing Magnesium along side with Calcium Reactor

    I use Reborn media in my CaRx and I don't need to add Mg.
  9. dochou

    Arin's Frag Tank Journal

    One big giant tank will be fun!
  10. dochou

    Casey's 120g Peninsula Build

    How's the dino situation? Getting any better? what do you think has helped you the most with battling the dinos? I'm currious because I have a dino problem too.
  11. dochou

    Arin's Frag Tank Journal

    Any updates?
  12. dochou

    Mr2Kieu: Crystal Dynamics Aquarium 90G Lagoon

    Nice clean Supra and tank too. I like the plumbing job. What are the black vertical brackets for?
  13. dochou

    Custom built aquarium stands

    Nice work. Do you have a web page or any other pics? Where are you located? Please consider becoming a member of our club if you like to meet other reefers.
  14. dochou

    What's this cute brown polyp?

    It's definitely a Majano and you need to get rid of it ASAP, unless you want to have an infestation of them. Once they start reproducing you'll have a big problem on your hands.
  15. dochou

    Thesassyindian's 13.5 gallon m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶p̶i̶t̶ nano mixed reef

    Just curious, why do you want to remove the bristle worms?
  16. dochou

    Berghia group buy

    How do these tiny berghia find aiptaisa in a large tank? Seems like a tiny little guy could travel all over my 150 gal and never bump into a aiptasia. Can the berghia just smell or sniff it out? Just curious.
  17. dochou

    Berghia group buy

    Thanks for all the helpful tips John.
  18. dochou

    Caulastrea frags

    Nice job. Yes, most people use stainless steel fragging tools. You can get them cheap on Ebay. ;)