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  1. splitting_lanes

    Neon Green Star Polyp coral

    Time to trim the GSP. Message me if you want some. Pickup in west San Jose.
  2. splitting_lanes

    Green Star Polyps coral

    Time for trimming back my GSP. It’s a real pretty neon green. Im in the South Bay
  3. splitting_lanes

    Free Green Star Polyps coral

    GSP In West San Jose. Fluorescent green. great starter coral, I’ve had it for 15+ years— keep in controlled onto two rocks. It needs to be trimmed every 2-3 months, due for a trim now.
  4. splitting_lanes

    Marine pure balls, seeded or unseeded

    Free to good home. I’ve been swapping out my marine pure balls for rubble in my sump. Have some that are out and dried, and more to be removed (plenty of good bacteria ) let me know
  5. splitting_lanes

    Medium sized snail in refugium - dying?

    I have a reefer 170 (40g) with a medium sized snail that’s been working to keep the algae off the glass in the refugium. I found it stuck on its side 24hrs ago, so I moved him and he appears alive but hasn’t moved much since. He’s normally pretty active. my fear is that if he dies, he may...
  6. splitting_lanes

    Free GSP / Free Orange Ricordea

    Two clumps of GSP and a single Orange Ricordea. Free to good home. :) Located in West San Jose.