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  1. Vincerama2

    PIF: Green Star Polyps, massive

    I love gsp. I don’t know why people diss it all the time! If I lived closer it pick up a piece of it!
  2. Vincerama2

    Black Friday Reefkeeping Deals

    BRS is showing "doorbuster" sales on Neptune stuff, for those waiting for a deal. I haven't checked prices to compare. If I were in the market for one, I'd consider it! V
  3. Vincerama2

    Green BTA

    Where do you live? I'm in San Mateo. You can have one from my tank. V
  4. Vincerama2

    Green BTA

    Mike, I'll save one for you. I like them but I want the space back for non-BTAs! V
  5. Vincerama2

    Return Pump Died

    Mag pumps are a workhorse! My Mag5 has been running my AquaC EV120 for 20 years now, constantly. V
  6. Vincerama2

    Dosing Magnesium along side with Calcium Reactor

    I used to and have to say my stony corals and coralline grew amazingly when I was, but I'm just running kalk now. I did buy some BRS three part and was going to dose that but my CA/ALK seem ok with just kalk. V
  7. Vincerama2

    Green BTA

    I think your other nems have found a favorable spot and the GBTA is trying to get in on the action. I mean seriously, it's a good spot in terms of lighting and flow and it's just where the anemone wants to be, like the others. V
  8. Vincerama2

    Green BTA

    Just FYI, the GBTAs I have live next to my Rose BTAs quite happily. Ignore the algae
  9. Vincerama2

    What's this cute brown polyp?

    I had a little brown blob like that too in a frag trade container. I was suspicious, so I placed it in a low flow area to observe it. It opened up into a small orange ricordia.
  10. Vincerama2

    Saturday November 13 - Member's only frag swap - Sunnyvale.

    Thanks Michael for opening your beautiful house and yard to us! The dogs were a big hit too! V
  11. Vincerama2

    Recommending a pump for water change

    I would mock you for not cleaning a pump for 15 years, but then I'd be a hypocrite!
  12. Vincerama2

    Caulastrea frags

    I think "bone cutters" is what I had (and lost) and they were pretty good.
  13. Vincerama2

    What do you use for mechanical detritus removal?

    My problem with siphoning out the sump is that it's on the floor, so I'll need a pump thing. I did look at some squeezy-bulb hand pumps, that is probably what I need. V
  14. Vincerama2

    What do you use for mechanical detritus removal?

    Yes this is what had me thinking about it, I just did a 40 gallon water change and used the hose to vacuum up detritus and algae. However, when I pumped water back in, it was a snowstorm of floating crud. I was thinking an HOB or filter sock would be useful then. Then I got to thinking ... I...
  15. Vincerama2

    Snow Tires question.

    The chains help give you traction. "Traction" does not mean "moves you forward". You need them on all four tires because you need all four tires for braking. Also regardless of whether you need chains to pass chain control, you'll WANT them in case you get stuck somewhere. Also bring a shovel.
  16. Vincerama2

    What do you use for mechanical detritus removal?

    I had considered filter socks, but my sump is a temporary (Hey, it's only been a decade) glass tank with a plastic storage bin in it and the main tank drains are just PVC pipes dumping into the storage bin. My one attempt at adding a really fine mesh filter sock resulting in a flood (it's...
  17. Vincerama2

    Coralline encrusted terracotta pot

    Ah it's OK. Too far for some coralline! Hope someone grabs it! V
  18. Vincerama2

    Coralline encrusted terracotta pot

    Where are you located? I'm in San Mateo. I've been thinking I needed some coralline seeding. V
  19. Vincerama2

    Building new reef - new member

    I recommend that you get a good skimmer. It looks like your tank does not have overflows, so a Hang on Back skimmer would work for you. I use this on my qt tank and it's pretty good. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/aquamaxx-cones-hob-hang-on-back-protein-skimmer.html It's $300. If that gives you...
  20. Vincerama2

    How to add a 2nd sump to an existing sump?

    How did you solve this? My sump is a 29 G glass tank with a plastic storage bin shoved in it. It was temporary. That's 10 years ago. I had a nice sump but I made the mistake of buying my tank with someone else's DIY stand which used so much wood that I couldn't physically maneuver the sump...