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  1. wcfish21

    LF Current orbit LED tank mounts

    I need two of them.
  2. wcfish21

    LF diffusers for an xr30 pro and xr15 pro.

    Both are gen 4
  3. wcfish21

    LF Xenia and GSP

    A friend is building a stand for me and will trade it for coral. The only coral I don't have that he wants is a chunk of Xenia and GSP. Can anyone help out. Will pay for it.
  4. wcfish21

    LF a Heater Controller

    Does anyone have an Ink Bird WiFi controller that they are no longer using?
  5. wcfish21

    LF 1 XR30 PRO and 1 XR15 PRO diffusers for gen 4 Radions

    Does anyone have any they want to part with?
  6. wcfish21

    Free pellets

    These are you big for the fish in my tank.
  7. wcfish21

    LF 5 gallon water jug.

    Does anyone have an extra water container for picking up saltwater from the LFS? Will be in San Jose today and tomorrow where I can pick it up. If i can help you clean up space. Lol Otherwise I can just buy one Thanks
  8. wcfish21

    Rhodactis mushroom

    Clearing out some room in my tank. I'm giving this to anyone who wants it. I don't know what is called. I'll be in San Jose tomorrow and could meet at Neptune's between 2:30 - 3. Will be in San Jose also on Thursday. Pm me.
  9. wcfish21

    Pink Diamonds

    I got these from @popper and a few of them broke off from the original rock and were small. I fragged them to let them grow a little. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. One with a single polyp and the other has 2 polyps. Rules: 1. Don't sell it until you put 2 frags back in the chain. 2...
  10. wcfish21

    LF a ReefLink Controller and a tank mount for a Radion XR30 G4 Pro

    I probably don't need it necessarily but it would be nice to have if anyone has a spare they are not using. Will definitely need the tank mount.
  11. wcfish21

    LF or LTT white toadstool with long polyps

    LF or LTT green toadstool with short polyps for a white toadstool with long polyps
  12. wcfish21

    How to remove mushrooms.

    I have a few mushroom frags where they have split a few times. Is there any easy way of removing them to move them to their own frag?
  13. wcfish21

    Free Softies

    I have two small frags available to anyone who wants them. 1 Kenya tree and 1 long polyp toadstool. I'll be in San Jose this Thursday Aug. 5th if anyone wants them.
  14. wcfish21

    Adding Rock Shelves to Existing In Tank Rocks

    What's the best solution to add a few rock shelves to the existing rock work while in the DT. The CoralCrete doesn't seem to hold very well and takes a while to harden.
  15. wcfish21

    Nassarius Snails

    I've got too many of these snails in my tank. Giving away 5 to anyone that wants them.
  16. wcfish21

    Coral Food

    Giving away 6oz. Phyto Feast exp. 8/14/21 and 6oz. Oyster Feast exp.2/21/22 to anyone that wants it or I will toss it. No longer using them. I've tried too many different coral food and I am sticking with Benepets and Reef Roids. They seem to work the best for my corals.
  17. wcfish21

    Mushroom ID

    What is it? Body color is like a dark brown with blue dots. I looks like it want to split soon.
  18. wcfish21

    DBTC: Neon Green Candy cane

    I just added Neon Green Candy cane to DBTC. There are 2 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  19. wcfish21

    Filter Media Cup to Replace Socks

    Hi, Does anyone use filter media cups instead of filter socks and if you do what type of media would you recommend? Thanks
  20. wcfish21

    Santa Monica Turf Algae Scrubber

    Does anyone use this. Is it similar to a chaeto reactor?