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  1. jellygeee

    Looking for an Acrylic tank

    Hi All, I’m on old member who left the hobby back in 2015. Trying to slowly climb back into the hobby again. I’m looking for an acrylic tank (less than 100 gallon). Want to check if you guys have any that you plan to get rid. I didn’t see the message about All About Fish store closing, so I...
  2. jellygeee

    Which LFS to buy: fresh water fish, plants, Amazonia Aqua soil, etc.

    Hi All, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. Just got my tank and I'm now looking to get supplies to build a fresh water plant tank. Will need to buy freshwater fish, plants, amazonia aqua soil, etc. Any recommendations on a good LFS to check out before I head to bigger chain...
  3. jellygeee

    Cube / Cylinder tank w questions

    Hi all, Long time member here. I was out of the hobby for a while. Now with my Kids getting bigger and asking for fish tank, I’m searching for fish tank to get into the hobby again (passing on the torch). I’m looking into a cube / cylinder tank. It’ll be a freshwater tank. I’m sure it’ll be...
  4. jellygeee

    Question about Chemi-Pure

    Hi All, A friend fave me 2 jars of unused Chemi-Pure. Both jars are at least 12-15 years old. The contents were stored inside the jar all this time and were un-used. Couple of questions that I have: Is it still safe to use them for my reef tank? How do yo use it? Do you just toss it in the...
  5. jellygeee

    Aquarium fence

    Saw this on Yahoo's main page: I am speechless...
  6. jellygeee

    SpectraPure Dual Media Reactor

    Hi All, I am looking to add a carbon media reactor (and GFO in the future) and leaning towards SpectraPure's Dual Media Reactor over BRS's reactor (mostly due to the fact it has an independent flow control to each chamber)...
  7. jellygeee

    Your source for Carbon and Mangrove

    Hi All, Want to find out the place where you get your Carbon and Mangrove? My water's color is becoming red (part of it is due to lack of water changes, plus using tapwater to mix the saltwater causing excess nutrients build up). I got a RODI system so I need to set it up first. From what...
  8. jellygeee

    Advice for installing overflow box to reduce water surging noise

    Hi All, Want to ask for same advice in regards to installing an overflow box. I have had problems with the sound of water surging from the overflow. You can see some pics of my tank in the link below: Since I don't have an overflow box...
  9. jellygeee

    Original Super Glue (Gel) no longer sold in stores

    I went to HomeDepot looking for this and found out that they are no longer being sold. The link below shows the product that I usually use: This is...
  10. jellygeee

    SCARE from my Tek Light fixture. Advices on new LED lights

    Sorry mods if this is in the wrong forum. I had a 6 bulbs 234 Watts Tek Light Fixture. it's at least 5 years old. When I got back from work yesterday, I saw my tank without any light. Wifey said the Tek light fixture had been flickering and finally all the light went out. I thought the...
  11. jellygeee


    If only it could last longer underwater..... =)
  12. jellygeee

    Genetically modified fish for pet

    Saw this in Yahoo today: As much as I have to admit that it looks cool, I am worried about the fact that this might get into the local lakes and waters (i.e. snakehead and big head carp).
  13. jellygeee

    WTB close valve for pvc pipes in grey color

    Hi All, I noticed that a lot of the close valve for PVC pipes that you use has a grey color. Where did you buy it? I have been to HomeDepot and OSH and so far they only have the white colored ones. Is this made different manufacturer and better quality? Thanks, Rudy
  14. jellygeee

    Using Granite Countertop (or similar materials) as a base for tank

    Hi All, Just want to see if anyone has tried using a granite countertop (those used in Kitchen's countertop) as the bottom base of fish tank. I am in the process of building a fish stand when I suddenly thought about the countertop. It definitely looks nicer than regular plywood, but I'm...
  15. jellygeee

    Rudy's 60G shallow reef tank

    Hi All, Finally, I have time to start working on this new tank. Some of you might have seen this tank in Green Marine Corals. I bought the frag tank setup with the idea of converting my display tank to a shallow reef tank. In my current DT, I always run out of room when I have new frags...
  16. jellygeee

    Where to get an acrylic scratch remover kit

    Hi All, Can you give me some suggestion on where to get an Acrylic scratch removal kit? If you have one for sale, please let me know (pm me). I live in South San Francisco and work in Redwood City area. Thanks, Rudy =)
  17. jellygeee

    Suggestions to reduce extra nutrients in tank

    Hi all, I recalled reading somewhere in the forum about ways to reduce the excess nutrients using Chaeto and some kind of mangrove plants. Does anyone have any extra chaeto to spare? Also, what kind/type of mangrove plant should I be using. I have been seeing some algae spike (hairy...
  18. jellygeee

    PC Power and Cooling 750W PSU for Backup power

    Hi All, Saw this deal from slickdeals and I have some questions to whether you have used similar type of equipment for backup power to the powerheads (and maybe heater)...
  19. jellygeee

    Emergency Backup power for your tank advices

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I'm wondering what you are using as your tank's Emergency Backup power in case of no electricity (as we have quite a few this year). I currently have none and would like to get some equipment for that. Since reef tank is a huge investment, a total loss...
  20. jellygeee

    Jellygeee's 55 Gallon Reef

    55 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Sunlight Supply's Tek Light T5 36" 6 x 39 watt Deltec MCE600 HOB Skimmer 1 Koralia 4 Powerhead (thinking about adding another powerhead) 1 Jaeger heater 150 watt Sorry for the repetitive and bad images (I was playing around with my DSLR with different settings to get...