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  1. Da_Neefer

    40% off!!! IM 100 EXT

  2. Da_Neefer

    Free rock

    Pickup in San Ramon. Stuff in the blue bucket needs bleached and cleaned.
  3. Da_Neefer

    Tank cycle and AquaBiomics live reef sand

    Hi all. I was expecting to see the 112g tank cycled at 0ppm ammonia by today but it's not. An order of AquaBiomics live reef sand arrives tomorrow afternoon. I assume I can add this to the tank with >0.2ppm ammonia with no problem as it will just help the cycle. Am I wrong? Thoughts? Regards, Ant
  4. Da_Neefer

    Favorite books?

    Anyone feel like sharing some of their favorite books? I've always been a sci-fi/fantasy type and have been having issues finding quality books to read lately. Feel like sharing? Here are a few I love... Tad Williams "Dragonbone Chair" RA Salvatore Anything Drizzt or Forgotten Realms Brandon...
  5. Da_Neefer

    PIF - UNS 90U, iron pipe light rack, and box steel stand

    Hi all, I’ve decided to do this as a PIF due to the stand and light rack needing to be sanded and refinished. It’s a bit of a project but the bones are good, as they say. Being a supporting member in good standing is needed to take the tank home. If you’d like to spare me some frags once the...
  6. Da_Neefer

    Free live rock

    Lots of mini bristle stars and other critters. Bring a tub and grab it if you want it. Pick up in San Ramon
  7. Da_Neefer

    Something interesting!

    Lowest point is ideal height. Raises for maintenance.
  8. Da_Neefer

    Best under $20 item you've ever bought for Reefing

    I'll start with this water bottle ATO. Solidly built and just works. No frills just a little glug glug noise. 1.5L bottle is lasting a few days on this temp frag tank.
  9. Da_Neefer

    AEFW Issue

    Hi all, I have a bit of a problem in the 69g tank with aefw. The 75g seems like maybe I don't. I've only had Acro's in there since the last frag swap. All my frag swap acquisitions were dipped, examined and put into the 75g as I found out the day of the swap. My problem is this.. I'll be...
  10. Da_Neefer

    Innovative Marine 112 INT build

    Hi all! Welcome to the journal for my 4th reef tank. Da_Neefer means The Noob Reefer. I guess I'm not as much of a noob aftere 2 yrs in the hobby but I still catch myself feeling like one sometimes :) I've had a 69g and a 75g setup for awhile now and decided I really wanted to do one tank I can...
  11. Da_Neefer

    Caught him!

    So the foxface rabbitfish that saved my 69g tank from Caulerpa covering the rockwork has outgrown his home. He's now 6-7" long :eek: He has a new home waiting for him here in San Ramon in a 200g setup some of us helped with recently for @Holly94583. I'm posting this because she sent me a link...
  12. Da_Neefer

    Free fish today only. Live Aquaria mix up

    I was sent the wrong fish and they are free to whomever can pick them up today. If you cannot do this please do not say you will. They were packaged yesterday afternoon and arrived at 10am this morning. They are in the bags from LiveAquaria and look healthy and not very stressed. I will try to...
  13. Da_Neefer

    Peacock Mantis Shrimp @ Violet Sea in San Jose

    The newsletter that came today says they've got one or more maybe in stock. I seem to remember someone looking for one...
  14. Da_Neefer

    In death we shall reef!

    Normal burial customs a bit blase for you?
  15. Da_Neefer

    New LED lights launched today.

    @mahina_corals launched his new light bars today. I'm not affiliated or paid. I just think they are a great new option designed from the ground up by a hobbyist. I love the work he's put in on the spectrum, design, and affordability.
  16. Da_Neefer

    3rd party AI Prime/Hydra LED puck replacement Cruising through IG and thought this was rather interesting. These guys are developing a replacement LED puck with ostensibly better spectrum, heat management, and power for the various AI lights.
  17. Da_Neefer

    Rare, pristine coral reef found off Tahiti coast Pretty crazy that something like this has gone unnoticed until now.
  18. Da_Neefer

    Mr Aqua MA-720 Glass Tank 23.6" x 11.8" x 15.2"

    Hi all, Bought this new and used it for awhile then sold it to a roommate. He left it when he moved out. Does not appear to have any major scratches but is dirty. Doing a leak test now and appears to be holding water fine. This is a low iron glass tank and has the original leveling mat, also...
  19. Da_Neefer

    DBTC: Grinch

    I just added Grinch to DBTC. There are 1 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  20. Da_Neefer

    Free easy frags

    I need to trim up some corals. For your own tanks, not to sell. Red Monti 3-4 chunky frags 1 green hairy shroom Rainbow Pocci. Could probably get a couple frags if I don't break the whole thing off trimming it. Pick up in San Ramon