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    Hollywood stunner chalice (?)

    Hi everyone it’s been a while since I was here last. Last year August I got some freebies from fish doctor and some did well and I want to give this one out to whoever wants it. SF pick up only. About a hand size Small one when I got it. The big one now. If someone wants to frag this and share...
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    FREE: Green Alveopora

    Nice chunky alve!
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    Emerald up for crabs

    Fierce looking crab! Yea females can be hit or miss... I have 4 females and two eat BA but the other ones not to much...
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    Baseball of Chaeto

    Can I have some too if any is left? TIA!
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    DIY Fresh Food Auto-Feeder

    Thank you for sharing! I love automation! It seems pretty economical as well. I’ll come back to this when I’m ready to make my own.
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    Have you guys seen this tank....damn colorful and expensive livestock!

    It’s uncomfortably colorful :oops::rolleyes::D
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    My wife made giant cookies...

    Will this be in DBTC?
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    BRS Single DI Canister.. stuck

    Also you can probably use a towel, twist it to make a thick “rope”, wrap around the canister to get a better grip and a better... what is that force called? Brain farting...
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    BRS Single DI Canister.. stuck

    Have you tried running warm water around that and try turning it then?
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    What did you get from CFM?

    I wanna see the hammer too pls!!! Did you see any cool pectinias?
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    New Reefer in The City!

    I’m in SF too and while livestock is limited I have gotten fish and corals from lucky ocean on balboa when I was just starting. They are helpful.
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    What salinity do you run your tank at?

    1.025 sg. Online conversion said thats 33.188 ppt
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    Anyone Interested in Fresh Tilapia for Food?

    That’s really cool. Curious. How long is your harvesting cycle? I want to do some sort of aquaponics with fish or something one day.
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    Medium sized snail in refugium - dying?

    I have trochus snails and always some get stung by the elegance then die somewhere but haven’t noticed any spike in NO3 (been less than 1ppm) or PO4 (been 0.02-0.03ppm). They also reproduce in my tank. Lots babies around.
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    Weird sponge in Zoa

    Hey welcome! I had a type of sponge (looks different from yours) growing all over my paly at the base and while it didn’t seem to be killing the paly it seemed to be hindering the growth. You can try to remove it and hope it won’t grow back. I ended up fragging mine, now waiting to see the...
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    R2R targeted discrimination

    Thanks for sharing Omar. Signed.
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    Happy new year

    Happy new year to everyone. Thanks for all the support this year and I’m looking forward to sharing reefing journey!
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    Worms living on my algae scraper..

    Nematodes? You don’t want to keep the scaper washed and dry when not in use?
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    Max’s nano reef

    Nice frag tank! Did u watch the coral euphoria YouTube video? Reminds me of his nice rock scape.
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    Variability in Hanna ULR phosphate checker

    yep point or no point same way