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    Hollywood stunner chalice (?)

    Hi everyone it’s been a while since I was here last. Last year August I got some freebies from fish doctor and some did well and I want to give this one out to whoever wants it. SF pick up only. About a hand size Small one when I got it. The big one now. If someone wants to frag this and share...
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    Super Fast Growing Beginner Acro - FREE

    Update - all claimed for now but if anyone would like one please comment so when I’m ready to trim again I can go down the comments. Supposedly it’s ORA Scripps Acro per Facebook group people. I need to trim a few branches (~5) and would be happy for any supporting members to adopt/try out...
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    Bubble Algae

    How do you all manage bubble algae? I had two emerald crabs in 34 g display tank that kept it at bay but I think lack of BA got them to nibble on some corals. I rehomed them but now BA is back with vengeance, like super tiny ones EVERYWHERE. I’m reluctant to use vibrant (the nutrient balance I...
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    Coral ID

    I picked up this frag from Neptune end of June. It’s super fast growing and if anyone is interested I’d like to be able to offer to the supporting members one day soon. My tank is just about 15 months old and I had my share of hiccups ie dino outbreak which has been gone since mid May. Can...
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    What is this little thing on my acro?

    Any idea what it is? Hasn’t moved for 5 hours since I noticed it.
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    Free Phytoplankton

    Anyone want some phytoplankton? I have been growing my own phytoplankton for a few months now and I harvest every 3-4 weeks and get more than enough for my use. I initially got the bottle from algaebarn and have been growing them using 1.5 liters of 1.023 sg SW (freshly made) with 4ml of miracle...
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    Tenuis care

    Hello BAR family, I need help with this. I got some type of acro tenuis and tort about a week ago from CFM! Tenuis had great PE until a few days ago and now not so much. Last time about a few months ago when I got a tenuis it was the same and that one eventually shed and died. Torts and other...