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  1. Chromis

    Mangrove Care!

    What I learned from putting mangroves and in a frag tank: - the roots need to be covered so algae and vermatids etc don’t grow on them, which chokes the roots. Rocks, sand, mud will do as long as other stuff is deprived the opportunity to grow on the roots. - you DO need to wash the salt build...
  2. Chromis

    Hi New Sucker from East Bay

    Welcome! Red Sea tanks are great. If I did it over again I’d get some water from healthy established tanks to get all the microbial diversity, rather than only add bacteria in a bottle. Live rock is overrated.
  3. Chromis

    What if we make the lineage part of DBTC optional?

    I agree with @Coral reefer if a coral seems unworthy of its own DBTC, or you don’t want to create one just for that coral, just put it in the pay it forward (PIF) thread. Problems with adding an unrelated coral into an existing chain: loss of traceability and muddling the lineage. What if it’s...
  4. Chromis

    Snorkeling on the Big Island of Hawaii

    It’s great for reefers to see how fat these tangs get in the wild when they can eat as much as they want. I’m surprised they were in such shallow water. Maybe just my yellow tang is afraid to go within a foot of the water surface.
  5. Chromis

    Pest ID?

    it’s possible ostracods just get a bad rap like ciliates because they jump in to clean up the damaged tissues, but they have those sussy hook shaped pest legs that look like they’re for clinging to a host.
  6. Chromis

    Pest ID?

    I think they’re bad for SPS, in that they seem to be opportunistic feeders and will bother corals. I remove them from my QT and aquariums for dang sure.
  7. Chromis

    Pest ID?

    Maybe an ostrocod, if you found it on acros, and it tucked its buggy little legs into itself once you gave it a hard time?
  8. Chromis

    New Instant Ocean Reef Crystals bucket has low magnesium

    Slow? Red Sea says no more than 10ppm change in Mg per day… although I usually add 20-30ppm at a time. Also check your salinity, could your salinity be low in either your tank or new salt mix?
  9. Chromis

    Zoa dangers.

    So sorry to hear this @Srt4eric. It’s possible we should also worry, if we have toxic fish, about preventing carpet surfers with lids so pets don’t eat them too.
  10. Chromis

    2022 Event Schedule

    What did we figure out?
  11. Chromis

    2022 Event Schedule

    Remaining events updated. What are your suggestions for events between now and Dec 22? We could schedule the holiday potluck for Dec 10/Sat if everyone is generally ok with that. We do need someone to host it.
  12. Chromis

    Best way to open a crate box with my tank in it?

    After all the talk about making sure tank stands are flat and level I wonder if filling the tank in a box to check for leaks might cause the leaks?
  13. Chromis

    Echo tech lights not coming on

    Since they are blinking colors - Did you check the error codes in the user manual? They blink certain colors for different errors.
  14. Chromis

    DBTC: Leptastrea

    @L/B Block How do you want to pick up the leptastrea? I can bring some DBTCs to CFM or you can swoop by Mountain View?
  15. Chromis

    NanoCrazed's Lazy Tank(s) Journal

    How are your fish doing?
  16. Chromis

    Getting rid of lettuce algae?

    Emerald crabs are the most effective - they cut the ulva loose to eat, and then set it free to drift into the filter. So for every leaf they eat, 4 end up in the filter. Provided you use filter socks… Zebrasoma tangs love ulva but not so much bristletooths or acanthurus IME. Tuxedo urchins...
  17. Chromis

    Eric's Frag tank!!!

    If you had similar readings with your Salifert kits from your display tank (to sanity check your kit) then just email ICP analysis, they might send you a free test kit if they find their calibration was off
  18. Chromis

    1.8x concentrated Soda Ash to match Triton Core7

    I had to look up “spalling” ha! Red Sea sells tubing to go with their dosing pump that is “Air resistant TPE” - they advertise it isn’t as permeable as silicone tubing so you get more reliable dosing. But platinum cured silicone? Is the idea the Pt tints the hose or does it have any other purpose?
  19. Chromis

    There was a fire...

    Scary! Lucky it didn’t do major structural damage or harm too many animals.
  20. Chromis

    1.8x concentrated Soda Ash to match Triton Core7

    So I kind of wonder, when the dosing pump initially pulls the solution into the tubing, how much that vacuum/pressure drop affects the the solubility. The concern is everything is dissolved in the container and then starts precipitating in the tube.