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    Lanthanum Chloride Success (so far)

    I’ve been using for getting close to a year. Many gangs of I think each genus. I have it on a doser and run from 2 to 10ml into skimmer per day. My fuge easily stripped nitrate but leaves a ton of phosphate
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    Chalk Bass in Novato

    I’d take the chalk bass. I live in Novato also. Sending pm.
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    Jake Adams passed away

    So sad
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    BRS Soda Ash

    Can you like to a reference for this method? My ph is a bit low
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    Trident on sale today at BRS

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    Trident on sale today at BRS

    Thank you! I got one last week when the apex el was on sale, now I can save this $120 too!
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    Neptune DOS is 20% off at BRS

    Got one!
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    Mixing Station Setup help

    I have my mixing station in my crawl space (on a hill so it goes from 2’ to 7’ high) and ato pumps straight from the big freshwater tank. It’s amazing I never have to refil ato tank under the aquarium. I used the tunze pump for a while but it burned out, so bought a relay on Amazon and use a...
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    Clams at Neptune today?

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    Favorite books?

    Sprung and Delbeek, _The reef aquarium_ volumes one thru three. Obviously
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    One power supply to rule them all?

    I’ve always wondered this also. I imagine you could get more energy efficiency out of it also
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    New Neptune Apex models available

    Pulled the trigger on a previous model apex el. For $475 includes an energy bar. Not sure why someone would buy an a3 jr over this. Also got a trident. Hooo boyo!!!
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    New Neptune Apex models available

    Thanks! Link: Post in thread 'GHL or Apex'
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    New Neptune Apex models available

    Yeesh the reviews for these things are terrible. What’s the bar consensus on apex? My impression was that the ghl stuff isn’t better
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    New Neptune Apex models available

    The new jr version seems interesting at $300. No energy bar so not controlling but could buy that later. I’m thinking about grabbing a jr and a trident………. Hmm
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    Alkalinity and Calcium consumption differences…

    I’ve been testing more consistently at same time day after day and also repeatedly thruout a day and seeing swings of close to 1dkh thru the day. Seems like a lot!!!! My doser doses the same 15ml every hour thru the day. Does anyone dose more heavily thru the daytime to even out the alk?
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    New member in San Rafael

    I also usually make trek to ac. Whenever I’m in South Bay to Neptune I checked out @high_tide_aquatics which is brand new in oaktown and they have a nice frag selection and are qting fish (scaling up the qt operation since they’re stockout!) so have high hopes for them! Check ‘em!