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  1. Zumareef

    Patio's IM 75 EXT

    Looking good!
  2. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    So I ran an in tank 9 watt UV with a flow rate of 211gph, so about 4 tank turnover's an hour. 40 watts seems reasonable but I agree 1500-2000gph seem too high. I think 25watts with a flow somewhere in the range of 800-1000 should do it coupled with the other steps I took (i.e. 48 hrs black...
  3. Zumareef

    Looking to switch Salt

    Fritz pro has been great for my reef, mixes clean and is priced well.
  4. Zumareef

    LF/WTB: Purple Montipora Cap

    Will do, thnx!
  5. Zumareef

    LF/WTB: Purple Montipora Cap

    Thanks for offering that up! love red monti too but pretty much have it in my grafted monti cap which is red/green
  6. Zumareef

    LF/WTB: Purple Montipora Cap

    Awesome! I will DM you to coordinate a meet up. Thnx!
  7. Zumareef

    If you are in the north bay, it a cool shop to visit!

    Just wanted to give under the sea aquatics a shout out. Stopped by there today and they definitely have the nicest selection of coral north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Also was able to pick up a good sized piece of Leng Sy monti cap, one I have been looking to acquire for quite a while now. Thanks!
  8. Zumareef

    LF/WTB: Purple Montipora Cap

    Looking to acquire some of this great old school monti cap, let me know if you have some. Thanks!
  9. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    During the the 7 day schedule listed above I cleaned the glass every other day to try and get dinos off the glass and into the filter sock and skimmer; also should mention I ran my skimmer fairly wet. Normally I clean my glass twice a week.
  10. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    Well I’m glad to follow up on this email with good news. I seem to have beat the dinos and here is what worked in my situation: 48 hr black out with UV running the whole time, no feeding Then 5 days of only blues on my radions at 20% power, feed every other day Then slowly phasing the whites...
  11. Zumareef

    Bangai Cardinal import ban -- why wouldn't this be good?

    Thanks for sharing the link to the illustrations!
  12. Zumareef

    The Long Awaited Elos 120

    Whoa!! super nice, like the depth of the aquascape.
  13. Zumareef

    Bob's RS 525XL

    Ditto, great tank and love the bubble coral.
  14. Zumareef

    Derek's 225g Peninsula reboot

    Nice aquascape, I dig the multi patch reefs and generally open concept!
  15. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    ⬆️ This is basically where I’m at, looking at my tank this evening I realize it’s actually not that bad so a little elbow grease, and a boost from UV should do it. Really appreciate everyone’s feedback, super helpful and I’ll follow up with a post of the results!
  16. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    Me too, I used one on a freshwater tank many, many years ago with great success and figured there are multi benefits to using one on a reef as well.
  17. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    Thanks for the feedback and Thanks for the feedback and indeed I was checking out the green killing machine unit as well as an aquatop unit as I didn't want to drop $200+ for a possible short term treatment; I'll definitely keep your offer in mind regarding the pentair!
  18. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    Thanks for everybody's feedback, I'm fairly certain that they are ostreopsis because when I take out the filter sock each morning and rinse it, it appears there are dino coating the sock that have been entrained when they entered the water column in the evening.
  19. Zumareef

    Dinoflagellates vs. UV

    Curious what folks experiences are using UV to tackle dinoflagellates? They are indeed dino's and while it's a minor thing in my tank and nothing seems to be out of balance (I have also eradicated them in the past using aggressive mechanical filtration, vacuuming, etc.) I thought I might try...
  20. Zumareef

    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

    Looking fab! How do you like the hybrid Noopsyche fixture?